Black Rheno: The Fuzz

"Yep, Aussies are completely nuts and I love it, just what I was after".

Metal As Fuck caught up with guitarist Mariano Palomares of Sydney outfit Black Rheno whilst the band currently wraps up a string of shows throughout the east coast….

A relatively new band; formed as recently as 2015 - what has been the bands main driving point to cause such a stir so shortly into the bands career? “None of us have time to waste. We met a year ago and just clicked, both musically and as buddies. Why this works is that we all give it 110% - we all are happy to work late into the night, drive hundreds of kilometres for a gig, and put in the back end work that it takes to get your band noticed. We all know that a strong work ethic is what you need. Gigging is just a small fraction of the work you need to put in, and we all get that. We are on a mission”.

Drawing from your influences how would you best describe the music of Black Rheno? “It's very difficult to put a tag on it, but if we had to we would say that it would be a blend of all our favourite picks from our record collections. We all come from different backgrounds, and that's what makes our music such a melting pot of different sounds. Our style is a sporadic mix of stoner, sludge, groove, grind and intensely fuzzed guitars; hard hitting drums and brutal, challenging vocals. Our sound is influenced by bands like Fu Manchu, King Parrot, Clutch, Red Fang, Snot, Kyuss, Down and Cancer Bats... just to name a few”.

The band are primed to release its debut EP in November - what can you tell us about the EP so far? “We are all very excited about the EP, and can't wait to share it with you. 'Let's start a Cult' captures all aspects that Black Rheno has to offer: darkness, groove, insanity, mixed with low and fuzzy guitars, tight round sounding drums and powerful vocals. What makes this EP great is that we worked on it together, from beginning to end. It was recorded by our singer Ryan Miller at his studios Housefox Studios in Sydney, which allowed us to pull it apart every step of the way, leaving us with an EP that we are all immensely proud of. Ryan was able to convey exactly what Black Rheno is about!”.

Where are the bands primary strengths going to shine through in the EP? “The whole EP is very tight and eclectic. If you blink you'd miss something for sure. There are many changes across it, from really groovy sections to totally crazy riffs. Dougy is capable of gluing all those different changing parts together with a unique drumming style; fast, really fast, and even faster, never leaving behind that grooviness. The guitars on this EP are really loud. I use so many different fuzz (mmmmmmm fuuuuzzzzzz) and distortion pedals, to lay down a sound that on top of Dougy's drums creates a sound that is unique to the band. Ryan tops it all off with his kick ass vocals. Loud, aggressive, but never forgetting to bring that party vibe... because at the end of the day, we all wanna have fun, right?”.

What challenges have you had to overcome since inception? “As such a new band we've realised how difficult it is to get noticed in the music scene. But it just makes us work harder, and we love it. There are so many great bands out there in Australia, so it's about finding a way to stand out, make our gigs memorable and keep people coming back for more! Another great challenge we had to overcome was the fact that we don't have a bass player as such. To make up for this, I split my guitars signal running both a bass and guitar gig, with a little octave drop and a wall of delicious low-fuzzed sound. It works really well and people keep asking about”.

Currently on a string of shows up and down the east coast promoting the release of the single ‘No Time For Numb Nuts’ take us through it “It’s actually an anti-discrimination anthem, it basically says how we have no time for racists, bigots, homophobes or any other closed minded fuckwitt that wants to push down and supress people on how they live, you know..... No time for numb nuts!! It's simple, open up the heart and strip fear and hate away, that’s what it’s all about.

How would you best describe the moshpit for a Black Rheno gig? “Some people don't know what to expect in a Black Rheno gig, and it's funny because people normally just start banging their heads while drinking beer, and by the second song of the set everyone is going mental. Ryan does a really good job of getting the crowd into it. He walks among them; screaming into people's faces and making sure you know it's time to party. He leaves you with no option. You'll see beers flying, people crowd surfing, and most probably both Ryan and I right in the middle of it all”.

What is one unique trait about an Australian moshpit that you wouldn't see anywhere else in the world do you think? “I've been lucky enough while living in London and Europe to have played in bands and toured around a fair bit, when I was making plans on coming to Australia I was interested to see what I'd find and what the scene was like. I basically based that decision on listening to and watching King Parrot video clips... And yep, Aussies are completely nuts and I love it, just what I was after. Weather playing a show or rocking out in the crowd, the mosh's here just go crazy, everybody just go's so damn hard down here with so much insanity while still yet having such a good vibe and party going on. One for all and all for one, in a completely mental way, that’s what I love about it!”.

Hailing from Sydney – how have the recent lock out laws affected the band and the live scene in general? “Having only just moved to Australia 18 months ago I feel I may have missed out on some really great all-nighter’s, being Spanish and having also lived through London and Europe I've seen my share of large nights! When I moved to Australia I was expecting some Sydney 6am's but the man won’t allow it, what the fuck? The guys have told me how it has put a dampening on the late night vibe somewhat in the city and how you used to be able go out, rock out with your favourite bands and then kick on for the night and walk out of a bar in daylight not knowing what time it was. So the 6am's might not be happening in Sydney but I still love the rock scene here, people love music and rock out with us and that’s what I’m seeing at the shows, so that’s my experience and I’m loving it so far”.

What can fans expect to see from Black Rheno in 2017? “More crazy shows, more insanity, more touring, more eardrums destroyed... more noise! A national tour is also on the cards. We can’t wait to bring the Black Rheno sound to as many faces and places and humanly possible”. 



Friday 26 August - Hamilton Station Newcastle, NSW

Saturday 27 August - Hideaway Bar, Sydney NSW