Blood Red Throne: The Inferno

"We play Inferno every 7th year it appears; 2002, 2009 and 2016. Next will be 2023”

Over the past twenty years, Norway’s Blood Red Throne has been going from strength to strength, from intensity to intensity. With the impending release of their 8th studio album Union of Flesh and Machine – the band are ruthless with touring and merciless with their live performance. In preparations for their most ambitious tour to date – Blood Red Throne are earmarked for global domination. Metal As Fuck nailed in some time with guitarist ‘Død’ during the madness of Inferno Festival recently....

Only a few short months out from the release of the band’s latest album ‘Union of Flesh and Machine’ how is the band feeling at this point? “Well, it’s over a year since we recorded the album, so we’re pretty anxious to get it out there. We’ve already played some of the songs live and we know we have one of the best Blood Red Throne releases ever this time!” The album has been cited as being the Captain of the Blood Red Throne discography; what has given it this title? “You really have it all on Union of Flesh and Machine. The old school feeling yet with that modern sound. The groove, the brutality, the melodies, the speed and the great songs. It sums up everything Blood Red Throne is!"

Blood Red Throne has been a staple to underground Death Metal fans for over a decade. How have you measured the bands success to this point? “People keep telling me that Blood Red Throne should be bigger than we are currently and I somewhat agree” [Laughs] “My goal is not to become ‘rock stars’ but our aim is to have a majority of Death Metal fans around to at least be acquainted with us. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not bitter, but rather thankful that we have been given the opportunity to travel around the world and play our music and meet cool fans and have a good time”.

What has it taken to get to the point you’re at today? “I guess hard work and just the fact that the band have stayed true to the genre. There are no major surprises on a Blood Red Throne album. Death Metal is what you get. But you get well constructed songs - not just a bunch of riffs put together. We also spend the much needed time talking and meeting with our fans”. The band; now under Candelight Records and about to release its debut with the label. The band no doubt eager to see a seismic increase in promotion of the album and the band as a whole. How is the partnership going so far and what are you hoping to achieve with the label? “The album was supposed to be released last year on Candlelight Records. But it was delayed due to us bringing Bolt back on vocals and on top of that Universal/Spinefarm took over Candlelight during this time and made the delay even longer. However, June 2016 is the release date and of course we have high expectations being on a major label again”.

The band is set for quite a brutal summer touring the album – take us through your plans “We have already started 2016 pretty well with some shows here in Norway and furthermore in Sweden and Denmark. We’re also going to Finland in June. But from July it’s just one way. We have a killer Asian tour coming up including many cool countries. We’re back to Europe at the end of July to do some festivals. Offers keep coming, so the Fall will be hectic as well. We’re probably heading back to the US and South America, but first things first”.

Bolt; the former vocalist of Blood Red Throne and now back in the saddle again – how has it been having him back in the band and playing shows once more? “It feels right. We don’t consider him parting with the band. He just needed a break”. Do you tie him down at night so he can’t get away? [Laughs] “Bolt never wanted to let BRT go. It was hard for him to see us continue without him, but deep down I think he had a feeling that he would return someday”. And how has the reaction of fans been since his return? “That it feels right. Bolt is by far the most killer front man we’ve ever had and he knows the whole game. His vocals are pretty ok too” [Laughs]

The event that left Oslo battered recently; Inferno Festival – had you played the festival before? “Indeed. We just returned from Inferno and what a killer show it was. Both band and audience were super-happy. We play Inferno every 7th year it appears; 2002, 2009 and 2016. Next will be 2023” [Laughs] How did you leave the punters of Inferno after your set? “Well, we came, we destroyed and we drank”.