Brewtality Festival: Colossvs

"Whether you’re into the harshest black metal, the fastest hard-core or the heaviest doom, there’s a little something in Colossvs that every heavy music fan can get into"

In short, Brewtality is an annual music festival that features 33 bands, held across 3 stages at The Tote and The Bendigo hotels in Melbourne, Australia. These are the fundamentals of Brewtality – however it is so much more. What needs to be addressed here is its muscle and that is Brewtality’s ability to ignite comradery within the heavy metal fan. The Australian heavy metal landscape is as rich as it is diverse. With all involved - from the musician to the journalist, the promoter to the punter; we all share in this multiplicity and amazing culture we created that is known as Australian Heavy Metal. Metal As Fuck are making it a point to catch up with as many bands featured on this year’s bill and as expected all bands share the same message; their admiration for Australian Heavy Metal..... Michael Calle of Colossvs shares his thoughts on why Brewtality Festival is more than just a festival....

The annual Brewtality Festival is a celebration of beer and metal; name me something that goes together as well as a belly full of beer and a moshpit... "Look, as far as I’m concerned you haven’t really lived until you’ve incited a moshpit from the stage with a belly full of beer. It’s the simple things really".

What is one unique trait about an Australian moshpit that you wouldn't see anywhere else in the world do you think? "I think a pit is a pit wherever you go and that’s what's great about it. Though I have noticed that a way higher percentage of Australian bands tend to be more inebriated before hitting the stage than their international counterparts. The fact that they can hold it together and pull it off flawlessly in that state is actually quite an incredible thing to watch. I’m kind of jealous really".

Colossvs stretched their legs and throats at 2016's event in Melbourne over the weekend, playing for the first time and described the event as being a heavy metal block party...

Colossvs released its latest album in 2014, titled 'Unholy'  - how does the album reflect the band and its ethos? "It’s been almost two years ago since it’s release but in some way ‘Unholy’ has been in the works since this band’s inception. There are literally songs on that record that we wrote five or six years ago, so for us Unholy was almost this nod to our past while also forging a new and unique perspective on what we wanted creatively from this band. I think you can almost hear that split on the record and I love having that transitionary period immortalised on wax".  

Where in the music of Colossvs do you like to challenge yourselves? "We spend a huge amount of time when writing - meticulously working on the flow and structure of each individual song. Some of my favourite bands do some insanely technical stuff, but I find a well structured and thought out song to be infinitely more interesting and challenging creatively". And where would you say lies your primary strengths within the band and material? "When we get into a room and start writing music together, something clicks that I can’t explain; to create sounds far greater than the sum of us individually. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced in all my time playing in bands. I think the way that this creative chemistry translates into our live show is what makes Colossvs special and where our material is able to shine in a way that I don’t believe we’ve been able to capture on record yet. The fact that we dabble in so many different genres and musical worlds is also great for our band. Whether you’re into the harshest black metal, the fastest hardcore or the heaviest doom, there’s a little something in Colossvs that every heavy music fan can get into which is very cool".

How has the Australian heavy metal landscape influenced your sound along the way? "The first time I was ever exposed to Australian heavy metal was when I was around thirteen years old and accidentally happened to see Blood Duster play at a skateboarding event. Twenty seconds in, Tony [Forde] had doused the crowd with ketchup bottles, berated members of the audience and it was incredible. I was already into heavy metal at that age, but it wasn’t until I saw Blood Duster up on that stage that I really understood that this is something that I could be a part of all the way from Australia. A few months later I started my first band and it’s all because of that one show".

Are you currently writing material? "We’re deep into the writing of album number two at the moment and laying all the groundwork for how it will sound. It was only very late into the writing process for ‘Unholy’ that we think we found our ‘sound’ creatively, so while it uses those tracks as a launching point, things are also sounding very different and unique to what we’ve done before. Between finding our sound on the last record and touring so much over the last few years, Colossvs in 2016 is a far more confident and well oiled machine than ever before. The new material more direct, simpler in execution and sounds way bigger than anything we’ve done before. We’ve got something new being released very soon so keep an eye out for it".

What do you plan to bring to your live set at Brewtality this year? "Well, we’ll be bringing along our new singer for these Brewtality shows which for me is super exciting. Any time our band experiences a change in lineup we tend to grow leaps and bounds from where we were before. I’ve seen our new singer perform many times and it’s truly something to witness, so we’re excited for these next few shows and to unleash some of the new material we’ve been working on".

What can we expect to see from Colossvs for the remainder of 2016 and into next year? "We’ll be dropping some new material very soon and announcing a string of shows to follow not long after. Once we’re done with that, we’re going to hunker down and finish album number two for a release in early 2017 and then hit the road again to spread the darkness to every corner of this world. But first, Brewtality".