Brewtality Festival: Kyzer Soze

"There is no shortage of hard working bands coming from Australia"

In short, Brewtality is an annual music festival that features 33 bands, held across 3 stages at The Tote and The Bendigo hotels in Melbourne, Australia. These are the fundamentals of Brewtality – however it is so much more. What needs to be addressed here is its muscle and that is Brewtality’s ability to ignite comradery within the heavy metal fan. The Australian heavy metal landscape is as rich as it is diverse. With all involved - from the musician to the journalist, the promoter to the punter; we all share in this multiplicity and amazing culture we created that is known as Australian Heavy Metal. Metal As Fuck are making it a point to catch up with as many bands featured on this year’s bill and as expected all bands share the same message; their admiration for Australian Heavy Metal..... Alex Cabrera from Brisbane outfit Kyzer Soze makes light work of it...

The annual Brewtality Festival is a celebration of the union of beer and metal; name me something that goes together as well as a belly full of beer and a moshpit of metal “A XXXX Gold and a hard day’s work”. [Laughs] Brewtality is also a celebration of Australian heavy metal so what is one thing about an Australian moshpit you wouldn’t see in any other moshpit around the world do you think? “You would see more pairs of ‘pluggers’ in an Australian moshpit then anywhere else in the world. A graveyard of pluggers and broken toes”. Now Kyzer Soze is heading south for this year’s festival, have you played the festival before? “We haven’t played Brewtality before no, but we’re really looking forward to it. 

Kyzer Soze released the debut album ‘Ascension’ in 2015; how does the album describe Kyzer Soze and your ethos? “It reflected our original ethos – the darker ideals we try to represent”. And where in the music of Kyzer Soze do you like to challenge yourselves? “We always challenge ourselves to be better song writers rather than bolst our technical prowess; really focusing on trying to capture more raw emotion, darker vibes and blend it as well as we can into the music”.

So where would you say what are the bands primary strengths? “Definitely our live show. Our live presence is what we have become renowned for and what we work really hard to improve each show”. How has the Australian death metal landscape influenced your sound? And what do you see for Australian death metal in the future? “Having a band like Psycroptic lead this style for Australia is awesome – they are a band on the cutting edge of the genre. Having played a number of shows with Psycroptic over the years you learn a lot from them; how to be 100% professional in the business aspect of things yet still be unique in your art form. Above all, you learn how to put on a notable show. There is no shortage of hard working bands coming from Australian, Psycroptic, King Parrot, Thy Art Is Murder; these guys all know how to work their arses off and reach their dreams. We are a bit fucked out here on our little island and to get anywhere you’re dropping at least $10,000 to tour internationally. You definitely have to work a lot harder but these bands are proving that it’s not a barrier – you can still make it”.

Is Kyzer Soze currently writing at the moment? “We are writing at the moment yes, we are working on being a four piece now, and the transition that follows. We’re still getting some of those teething problems out of the way, however the writing is taking a new direction, so we’re riding the wave of creativity at the moment and it’s a good feeling”. Take me through the transition of a five piece to a four piece “We had goals as a five piece and as we started out they were similar, as we moved further in they changed – we got to a point where it was easier and more amicable to part ways with our vocalist. The new path we were heading in required a new direction vocally and that’s how we got here”. What are you envisioning for the sophomore album at this stage? “It will be darker and bigger sounding. The vocals obviously will be infinitely different as we are now utilising three members so it will be very diverse vocally. Touching on some more black metal elements too. Its all starting to take form”.

What do you plan to bring to the festival during your set at Brewtality Festival? “A big powerful show, we will be putting in every bit of energy we have into our Brewtality set – it should be amazing. We’re playing Melbourne, way down into the colds of hell, which is not ideal for us Northerners - we’ll have to rug up.... I’ll be bringing my pluggers though”.

What can we expect to see from Kyzer Soze for the remainder of the year? “The later part of the year will be a bit quieter for us – we’re going to focus on writing and getting a solid bunch of songs to head into the studio with. We’ll finish August strong then head back into our burrow and work our arses off and hopefully come out with something we’re really proud of”. 


Desert Highways presents...

A celebration of metal, rock and beer!

Sat 6th August 2016 -MELBOURNE
The Tote & The Bendigo hotel’s, Collingwood.

Sat 13th August 2016 - SYDNEY
The Factory, Marrickville

Presale Tickets are CLOSED / Door entry on the day - $48

Dreadnaught (Launch Tour)
Orpheus Omega
Heaven The Axe
Southeast Desert Metal (NT)
Darker Half (NSW)
The Levitation Hex (ACT)
Black Like Vengeance
Seedy Jeezus
Join The Amish
The Charge
The Devil Rides Out (WA)
Coffin Wolf
The Hidden Venture
Hostile Objects (NSW)
Sumeru (NSW)
The Archaic Revival (NSW)
Levitating Churches
Ohm Rune (Launch) (WA)
Kyzer Soze (QLD)
Daemon Pyre
The FckUps
Little Lamb & The Rosemarys
The Sleepless
Stay Sharp


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