Brian Posehn: Metal As... No Wait - Funny As Fuck

.....No wait, Metal As Fuck

Metal As Fuck, funny as fuck - Brian Posehn slides easily into both categories. On a string of shows with his first appearances in Australia, Metal As Fuck caught up with Brian to talk about... well anything he wanted to...

"Excuse me? [Laughs] Metal As Fuck?…. Well if that isn’t the greatest name for a website ever. I can’t wait to get over to Australia! I’m very exciting. It’s my first trip as a tourist and as a comedian. My first day I’m off so I’ll get to check out Perth before I perform. It’s a nice mix; 6 – 8 shows in ten days. From West to East, a lot of travelling through which will be great.

When did you decide you wanted to make people laugh for a living? “When I was 20 years old I was in College but I was one of those kids who had no idea what I wanted to do there. I thought about doing what you do, so I was dabbling with journalism, took some classes then started interviewing bands. I interviewed a band called Fishbone – who were pretty much the reason why I don’t interview bands anymore…. They made it really hard and I walked off their tour bus and thought woah I don’t think I want to do this. I spoke to my teacher, I explained how I didn’t get the interview, they didn’t answer any of my questions…. But I was sort of already messing around with stand up by that point and had the idea – well maybe I should do that as a career. I did want to be a DJ at one stage; I had a gig at a station….. Then found out I couldn’t play any heavy metal and I thought well this is terrible”….

Making this decision on stand up – starting out, did you have anyone who inspired you? “It really took up to the point of starting stand up met other comedians – these were the kind of guys who influenced me more. Greg Proops; I feel like he’s definitely been to Australia – he was the first comic I met who, sorry about the language - didn’t give a fuck. And that had a lot to do with…. What am I thinking the name of your website has the f-bomb in it… Anyway this guy didn’t care what the audience thought – I mean he did, he wanted to make them laugh but the people he didn’t make laugh he didn’t fret over. If they weren’t smart enough to get on board or couldn’t loosen up and have some fun then fuck them. That was a big thing, I still draw from him. When I started talking about Heavy Metal or nerdy things on stage; I didn’t see anyone doing that on stage at the time. But that came from me wanting to be myself on stage like Dev Patel for example – that guy was fearless about being who they were on stage. A lot of comedians would do characters on stage and that was huge in the 80’s but not now – now its more about being real and like I said those guys really showed me I could do that”.

The influence of Greg Proops actually raises a really interesting question that I had as you have the Metal audience vs. the mainstream audience, how do you take that on board, working to blend the two groups together or having certain topics going over some heads? “It does concern me but I feel that the bands I do talk about are mainstream enough – even if you haven’t heard a Slayer song you know who Slayer are because you’ve seen the scary kids wearing their t-shirts at the mall. Even if you aren’t a metal fan you’ll know who I’m talking about and if you do know who I’m talking about you’ll be so stoked I’m talking about heavy metal during a comedy routine”.

You’ve previously mentioned your enthusiasm for heavy metal and declaring yourself a ‘heavy metal dork’ so being that we’re all about the metal here – who are some of the bands your digging at the moment and who are you getting excited for? “I wish there were more new bands I was getting excited about but I have to say the records I’ve liked over the last 6 months were some of the old guys; I loved Slayers new record, the new Anthrax record – the new Anthrax record is maybe the best thing they’ve ever done and I’ve been a fan of them since the 80’s. The fact that these bands are still making some of the best music of their careers really excites me. Huntress, Holy Grail…. Anything Thrash, I’m a massive thrash fan and to see kids today being influenced by some of the bands I’ve been into since I was a kid is just radd. I’m also quite partial to smoke some and get mellow…. I like some of my metal… Stoney”.

Heavy Metal aside, you’ve had your finger in quite a few pies – I understand you also co-wrote Deadpool? How was that experience? “I wrote that for 3 years – it just came about like everything else I’ve been able to do, just by being around and being known as ‘that guy’. Deadpool came about by meeting a lot of the Marvel guys at conventions over the years and those reps knowing I was a writer also, I wrote an independent comic called The Last Christmas which basically got my foot in the door with Marvel. I had to get the job like any other, I still had to jump through some hoops and prove to them I knew what I was doing. It’s one of those things; like opening for Slayer or being in a horror movie, it’s just crazy that things I’ve loved since I was 10 years old I’ve been able to take a part it and combine all four is just insane”.

Speaking of more recent projects, it’s a comedy metal release you’ve been working on with Scotty Ian [Anthrax] and Brendon Small [Metalocalypse] so what can you tell us about the album? “Well it looks to be out this year. Finally. It’s taken me a while but it’s so hard for three guys with such crazy schedules that we all have in order to get this done. It’s in really good shape, all the songs are written and recorded. I have to do vocalists on one of two tracks and fill it with more death guitar players. We’ve already had Garry Holt [Exodus] do a solo…. Garry Holt; that dude, wow and I think he keeps getting better too. I got to go on the Motorhead cruise this year, I performed but one of my favourite parts was watching all these bands I loved. Garry Holt pulling double duties for Exodus AND Slayer. Every day on the boat – almost two hours of aggressive, AGGRESSIVE metal! The guy is like 50 years old, I get tired just watching him play a show. Yeah, so all my friends are doing guest vocals on this album so it’s going to be killer”.  How did this guest list come together? Did you have some surprises on who wanted to get on board? “I haven’t approached anyone that I don’t know, everyone I’m using are my friends; I’m now just that nerdy heavy metal guy who is friends with these musicians. So like, hey friend Chuck Billy, [Testament] can you listen to my track [Laughs] Brendon and Scott both know who I know and it was always the intention of filling it with guest solo’s. If you’ve heard my other two songs you know I’m not the most accomplished vocalist. But to be able to call the singer from Death Angel or all the other musicians I’ve gotten favours from, it’s been a real trip”.  

So you’re heading to Australia very soon for a string of shows and I have to ask – do you speak fluent sarcasm? “I do! [Laughs] I thought I created it. Excellent I’m going to fit right in. Outrageous; Metal As Fuck, sarcasm as a first language. I love it”.