KK Warslut of Deströyer666: Living In Sin

“Six years does seem like an inordinate amount of time doesn’t it? But I was busy living in sin for much of that time".

Deströyer666, although spawned from Australia, the members of which had jumped continents long ago and from a media perspective were harder to keep track of than the ‘Yeah’ count of James Hetfield. Deströyer666 will continue to be one of the most unattainable and illusive bands on the planet… Until now that is. For reasons still unbeknown by both PR and media Metal As Fuck caught up with the man himself, KK Warslut who felt the need to be recorded in what is one of the most peculiar fucking interviews we’ve ever done… For the longest time, Deströyer666 has been an institution, a cult even within the Australian Black Metal landscape and has transcended this sect over seas and borders to be known as one of the greatest influences Black Metal has ever identified. Touring Australia for the first time since 2010 with the opus Wildfire, KK remains reticent throughout the interview though did deal out some provocative answers….   

Not only Australia’s most successful ‘blackened thrash’ band but one of Australia’s best Metal bands period. Yet we haven’t really been able to claim national rights on you guys for a while now – so obviously the relocation to Europe in 2001 was a necessity for the band to continue? “Like lust, it was a desire left ungratified it became a kind of necessity”. And what were the driving forces behind the move? “Wanderlust and metal. Wasn’t complicated. I like a all or nothing gamble”. Do you still call Australia home? “It’s the place of my birth. Think it was Bertrand Russell that said of Nietzsche... ‘I’m at home anywhere, a stranger everywhere'.

During the initial stages of Destroyer666 - many preeminent Australian musicians at the time were involved; Matt Skitz, Criss Volcano, Phil Gresik, Gospel of The Horns drummer Howitzer: what were the early stages of the band like with such a varied and diverse assortment of musicians? “I think that roll call reads differently than it felt. If I read out all your ex`s names in a row, it may appear different to the reality you experienced. Things happen over a time and ya play the cards ya dealt at the time. I feel lucky that I met some great dedicated and passionate musicians who, for better or worse, put music above all else in life. Luckier still that many of these folks are still good mates”.

It was 1994 – Black Metal by this stage had basically engulfed the earth; the rise of metal in general was at a record high – what was the defining moment for Destroyer666 during this period? “I guess I’d say there’s been some defining moments, not sure they all come about during that period. It was an acid trip in a Box Hill park in 1991. Deciding Bestial Warlust wasn’t for me in 94, a nightlong jam session with Routy xmas night 96, Then again when Howitzer moved to Melbourne in 97 and suggested we make it a real band”.

Throughout past European tours, the band have enlisted many European musicians (Dutch drummer Erich de Windt of Sinister & German drummer ‘Mersus’ in 2001) what had these musicians brought to the sound of Destroyer666? “Erich brought nothing but complaints and hassle. Mersus brought 16 years or so of dedicated musician' and freind'ship”. Residing in Europe for the past 15 years; perhaps it was foreseeable however, how do you feel about being the only Australian member in Destroyer666? “Won’t deny it wasn’t great to have Matt decide to leave and I told him this several times up until the time he left. But now I just don’t think about it. I feel European and always did, an Australian European to be sure, but the Australian nation is a very young colony founded by Europeans so I’ve always considered myself a son of Europe. Things have a way of often working out for the best, now I’m surrounded by another amazing bunch of folks who have taken the band to a whole new level”. Who is going to understand our *Australian* colloquialisms, our parodies our sarcasm and our general hilarious bastardry? “Yeah, that’s sometimes a cause for misinterpretation. But ya know, bastardry is contagious”.

In 2012, Shrapnel the Guitarist of 18 years left the band. A hard hit no doubt. What went through your mind during this period? Were ideas of retirement lurking in the back of your mind? Or was it the boost needed to compose Wildfire? “Yep, 'bugger' was the initial thought, but there’s always been some unwritten and usually unspoken laws in the band: no one stays beyond their calling. And yeah, it was the kick up the arse I needed”. Wildfire – has been described as both old and new ideas. Some ideas that didn’t get the push they needed in the “Defiance” [2009] writing sessions – can you elaborate on this? “I don’t know how. Basically I failed to finish many songs from the Defiance writing period, I luckily kept them on file, and when sifting through them found some keepers”. What do you feel you had lost within Destroyer666 with the departure of Shrapnel? “I was momentarily no longer the ugliest cunt in the band”. What have you gained? “An amazing new band and I gotta say, collectively, and with all due respect, the best lineup we’ve ever had”.

Wildfire was an important release for Destroyer666, initially the first release without long time guitarist Shrapnel and subsequently Wildfire was the first release for the band since 2010. Why such an extended period between albums? “Six years does seem like an inordinate amount of time doesn’t it? But I was busy living in sin for much of that time. Doing what red blooded metal heads do. And it was a great old time I gotta say”. Were you weary or somewhat disillusioned for the outcome of Wildfire? “No, I had decided nothing would be released until I was as happy as a miserable dissatisfied cunt could be with the songs”.

Is Wildfire everything you envisioned it to be? “Pretty much, yeah. It’s a metal album. I’m a metal head. I don’t pretend it’s anything else and I’ve nothing to complain about”.

What has the band planned touring wise to promote Wildfire further throughout the remainder of 2016 and into next year? And as the new members of the band haven’t seen Australia yet, what are their anticipations for the Australian tour? “We’ve travelled the world this year and will continue doing so through next year also. I think for them it’s probably quite something to see the kinda folks that spawned AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Sadistik Exekution, Bestial Warlust and Hobbs [Angel of Death] as well as the obvious glorious beauty of the place”.



Friday, Nov 4: Brisbane - Crowbar
Saturday, Nov 5: Sydney - Max Watts
Sunday, Nov 6: Canberra - The Basement
Friday, Nov 11: Melbourne: Max Watts
Saturday, Nov 12: Adelaide: Enigma
Sunday, Nov 13: Perth - The Rosemount Hotel

Tickets: www.directtouring.oztix.com.au