Krepitus: Death Is Our Compass

Hold on to your hats! Calgary death metal band Krepitus have their debut album coming out on 25th November and it's not for the faint of heart!

Calgary death metal band Krepitus have their debut album, Eyes of the Soulless ready for release on November 25th. So Metal as Fuck sat down with guitarist/vocalist Teran Wyer for a beer and chat about the band’s origins, their influences, and the new album...

For those in the world who aren’t familiar with Krepitus, tell us a bit about yourselves. “Krepitus is a Latin name, it’s a medical term for the sound that bones make when they crush together! We are a thrashy melodic death metal band. We’ve been around since 2013, from Western Canada. Before Krepitus I was with a band called Reverend Kill for seven years, and our guitarist Matt Van Wezel was in a band called Kobra and the Lotus.I started Krepitus and picked members as I found them. Harley D’Orazio (drummer) and I have been together since the beginning, and initially we shared members with Calgary band Numeroean. When they started getting bigger, we split off to do our own thing and that’s when Matt and Curtis Beardy (bass) came in to form the current lineup. We were a lineup of five initially - Brandon Lemley from Numereon was originally on vocals. I could see that he was going to move fully over to Numeroean. We would need a singer!  We were also doing a fun side project called Replicvnt where I was doing the vocals, and took over when Brandon moved on.”

Your first demo came out in 2014, and you have the new album, Eyes of the Souless coming out at the end of the month. How do you feel the band has progressed over the past two years? “So much has changed! The genre, the style, the focus of our writing! For the demo we just wanted to let loose and show off! We wanted fast, crazy, and just wanted to get out there. Now it’s about the song, the composition; all the elements that go into the song.  The demo is totally different. We had a clean singer for the first two songs. We were in standard tuning, now we’re two whole steps down and we have death metal vocals. We actually did the demo after winning round one of Wacken Metal Battle 2016, so we had a couple of weeks to get a demo out for that. We recorded it with Nate Reno [Big Nate Productions/Calgary Metalfest] over a weekend so we could have something ready for round two of the Battle.”

Is there a particular story or concept to the album? “Overall it’s a pretty bleak theme! The general theme surrounds addiction. Eyes of the Soulless deals with the science of addiction. It shines a light on addiction as an emotional problem, as opposed as a physical sickness. It calls for people to be more compassionate towards those suffering from every form of addiction. For Decree of Theosedus, it’s about the burning of the library in Alexandria in ancient Egypt – how the rise of Christianity destroyed so much knowledge at that time – we lost so much.”

Exile is a song that I’ve really taken to. There’s a lot happening musically in this song – it’s a bit slower, yet still chaotic; I can hear high black metal riffs, with a very melodic solo in it. Tell me more about Exile both lyrically and musically “That song is pretty special. When Krepitus started we were a thrash band. We wanted to be a thrash band. I’ve been in charge of the songwriting which is where the death metal influence comes from. When Exile came to be, I didn’t know what to do with it. The guys really liked it when I presented it. It’s our most talked about song. The story behind Exile is about escapism. It has a lot to do with the depression and alcoholism that I was going through at the time. It was the escapism of that, and then finding myself again. I know a lot of people go through similar issues as I did; it’s kinda synonymous with the Death Metal scene.”

You’ve released Eyes of the Soulless and The Decree of Theodseus as singles from the album, what has the response been from the Calgary metal community so far? “It’s been really good. We played a Calgary show recently and the new songs went over well. We played all new material, and everyone loved it.  We haven’t been played many shows in Calgary of late, so there are a few songs that we haven’t played here yet, but that will soon change!”

You also just released Desolate Isolation that has seen some good press. You've been noted to say that it’s the most challenging song for the band on the album. Why is that? “Every part has every instrument doing something different. I’m big into classical music, so my intention was to try and do baroque death metal.  The chord structure is always changing. It was also written before I had intended to be the singer, so I set out wanting to play as fast and as technically as I could in one song. The drums also show it off how challenging the song is, the changing of the tempos, it has hard and fast parts, and slow emotional melodic parts – it’s all in there!”

I’ve read reviews describing Krepitus as a death metal/thrash band. Personally I can hear more influences in there, and am curious to know what other bands and genres have influenced you? “There’s only one thing we keep in mind. I’m a huge Death (band) fan. I always think – would a fan of Death be into what we do?  It’s the only guiding factor we have. They are our compass, if we do have one. Carcass is also a favourite for us. For me personally, Dark Tranquility, Dissection... I grew up listening to Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer, which goes without saying. I also listened to a lot of punk growing up, so I’m all over the place.”

Any plans on touring the album? “YES! It’s tough to do more than one major tour each year, but we plan to do at least 2 weeks! Dates TBD!”

Eyes of the Soulless is out onNovember 25th.

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