New Dead Fest 2016 w/ Matt Young, Jason North & Chris Rand

"I have never seen anyone abroad catch a drumstick, snap it in half and put the two pieces up each nostril... that was particularly Australian

The annual New Dead Fest is a staple in the diet of Adelaide metal devotees, high in iron the concept came together through the support of South Australian local band, Truth Corroded who wanted to build upon the already deep-seated connection Australian bands have with their fans and to also pump some life back into the live scene of Adelaide.... With the 2016 edition being described as the ‘strongest line-up yet’ from King Parrot’s Matt Young [headlining the 2016 festival] New Dead Fest is no stranger to high calibre.... 

The decline in live music attendance over the years has become a tiresome and frustrating fight; with several facets causing this - there is only one solution.... We are the solution – where are the days of throwing the ol’ Docs on, grabbing the red lippy and heading off to your favourite venue on a Friday night after a loooong day of playing corporate soldier? You had no fucking clue who was playing and you didn’t care. It wasn’t just the music.... or the oasis of beer, it was the comradery which is something that is highlighted in the below paragraphs as Metal As Fuck caught up with King Parrot, Segression and Jason North of Truth Corroded to not only talk about New Dead Fest and their own goals for 2017 but to share their views on the live music scene, the often overlooked city of Adelaide and why it is so important for events such as the New Dead Fest to continue....

“We’ve always had a great time in Adelaide’ states Matt Young “It is a shame it’s often overlooked. It’s important for us to return often to repay the fans in Adelaide that have come out to support us continually as our band has grown over the years”. He continues “When we first started getting some traction e played at the Enigma and it was packed out – a really memorable show, people were going mental. We always have a blast there”. The New Dead Fest puts a heavy emphasis on Australian band to further promote our home grown metal – how important are these festivals to bands around the country? “This New Dead Festival is one of the strongest line-ups yet and it is amazing that Jason, Greg and the Truth Corroded guys can continually put on such an awesome festival. Not only that; it’s a great opportunity for punters to come and check out new bands from around the country too”. Thoughts also shared by Segression vocalist Chris Rand – “I think that these events are the life blood of the hemisphere” Chris affirms. “And they are events we’ve always made time to play from the beginning of our career to now and we will continue to support them”.  

From the perspective of a New Dead Fest promoter AND member of Truth Corroded, Jason North: “From a promoters point of view, Adelaide is often overlooked and this can be understandable at times because turn outs can be inconsistent. It seems to either rise to the occasion or sometimes inexplicably fall flat. I have heard this to be the case for other Australian cities also. It is however awesome when it does work! Energetic crowds, good vibes – so it is important that touring Australian bands and internationals don’t overlook it”.

The emphasis on Australian bands is also considered vital Jason continued as it gives bands from a variety of heavy music genres the chance to come together and expose their music to a diverse audience. “In the past New Dead fest has featured Black Metal, Power, Grind and more unique and often underground genres all on the one bill to reflect the European festival dynamic. Furthermore it also gives bands that are establishing themselves a chance to play alongside some of the leaders in the industry”. Remarks Jason. What is most important Jason admits though is the scene coming together and having an awesome time.... and when it came to asking what his anticipations were for New Dead Fest 7 he mentions “A nasty hangover”. That aside though Jason is confident New Dead 2016 will deliver “New Dead has built a profile to a point where it is guaranteed that it will be a great time for all involved, whether as a performer or as an attendee”.

Comradery at New Dead Fest is a staple for the bands too “One of the best things about doing a fest like this is catching up with all the friends we have made over the years that we don’t get to see all that often” acknowledges Matt. And for 2016 in particular the Melbourne vocalist is looking forward to seeing what the festival has to offer “I’m really looking forward to seeing Ruins, Sanzu and Daemon Pyre play”.

“I think it is vital, bands take the time to play an Adelaide show in general” says Chris “The bands I’ve known to play have had nothing but great experiences playing there. It certainly has our recommendation as a city that loves metal and we are very grateful to be a part of this year’s festival – we expect to see some brilliant performances from many great bands and have no doubt, Segression will deliver” he concludes.

King Parrot, Segression and Truth Corroded are no stranger to heavy touring both nationally and abroad and when it comes to the hindrance of our geographical location it’s not all bleak describes Jason “Touring and using the time that you have diligently and dedicating that time has definitely helped Truth Corroded get to where we are now. At times the location can often lead to being overlooked by labels or agencies because they know we come from a smaller market and face the tyranny of distance so if this is the case then you just need to work harder. If a band is determined and able to tour relentlessly, because this is what it takes, then there is opportunity”.

New Dead Fest is the first of a few select regional shows King Parrot have scheduled for the Spring and again Matt reiterates the importance of playing regional Australia “This is very important for us, we love getting out to all the regional places and having a blast. Sometimes the shows are a little smaller but that makes it all the more fun and it’s an excellent feeling to give people in these places a chance to see bands from the cities that don’t often get out there. I find that the anticipation for these types of shows is often through the roof and they bring a great energy that is sometimes missing from the big city shows”. King Parrot are on the band wagon to draw support to a local venue in Bendigo – The Musicman is rumoured to close albeit without the support from the community “It would be great if more people embraced the live music culture of Australia more often and more supportively” Matt begins “Unfortunately the ‘dumbing down’ of the world leads to people staying at home, watching TV and doing other boring shit. I really hope that would change soon. Bendigo really needs a live music club of this nature and I hope the community sees this and gets out supporting the bands and venue”.

Talking about the live scene Chris, what is the one thing you would see in an Aussie moshpit but wouldn’t see in any other around the world? “I have never seen anyone abroad catch a drumstick, snap it in half and put the two pieces up each nostril... that was particularly Australian”.

The live scene, the current music climate, the industry and the struggles bands face; what have been some of the greatest lessons Segression have learnt as a band over the last few years? “That it is very important to continue learning, with every opportunity that presents itself. To be more focused on the ride rather than the destination. To treat people with respect, from the fans to fellow bands; to industry types but never be afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in”.

Whilst the future looks bright for King Parrot, Truth Corroded and Segression – all of which with new releases on the horizon and a flurry of touring to follow, right now the bands are 100% focused on their sets at New Dead Fest though Chris gives us a sneak peak of what we can expect from Segression in 2017 “We are working on recording some of our older songs, we should have new material towards the end of the 2017”. King Parrot are of course not slowing down either, amidst a few summer shows in Australia and a slot at the next Unify Festival King Parrot look to be entering the studio in early 2017 in which Matt describes the material as, ‘as vicious as ever’ and the band are very keen to start playing it live.

Truth Corroded have just announced this week the Worship The Warlords Slain tour which crosses the country and heads into Asia this October / November including a slot at the Heart Town Festival in Taiwan. Having been busy in the studio recording the band’s new album which will be released early in 2017 Jason fills us in “The drums have once again been recorded with session drummer Kevin Talley of legendary US death metal act Suffocation who has featured on the bands previous two albums. We hope to announce more details on the new album over the next several weeks”

Next up though.... Presented by Truth Inc R.M.T and ARMI, TND7 brings you more Chaos, Metal, and Heaviness than ever before with a line-up that features some of the country’s biggest and heaviest exports, classic fan favourites and killer upcoming talent...

KING PARROT. 10:55 - 11:45
DISENTOMB. 10:00 - 10:40
RUINS. 9:05 - 9:45
SEGRESSION. 8:20 - 8:50
TRUTH CORRODED. 7:35 - 8:05
DESECRATOR. 6:50 - 7:20
WHORETOPSY. 6:10 - 6:40
HADAL MAW. 5:30 - 6:00
DAEMON PYRE. 4:50 - 5:20
SANZU. 4:10 - 4:40
DOUBLE DRAGON. 3:30 - 4:00
WITCHGRINDER. 2:50 - 3:20
HEADBORE. 2:15 - 2:40
ETERNAL REST. 1:40 - 2:05
SUN OF GAIA. 12:40 - 1:00
NOT THE ENEMY. 12:10 - 12:30

Tickets on sale online now : - $30 (plus booking fee)