Sydonia: Eyes of Sand, Hearts of Lions

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the....

Relocating to Melbourne in the early 2000’s; the long standing institution also known as Sydonia have become a stable thread in the ever weaving fabric that has developed into the Australian heavy metal landscape - with ties to the earliest times when Australia was establishing itself as a contender for heavy metal and to make a trip down memory lane Metal As Fuck caught up with the outfits bass player, Adam Murray to discuss not only the bands longevity but their unrelenting reign as being one of Australia’s greatest alternative bands.

The story of Sydonia is long, and filled with ups and downs yet fast forward to where they are now, Adam states that the basis behind their fortitude is camaraderie “With our new members we feel reenergised – it has been a great natural progression for us. With Sam [Haycroft] leaving last year it was hard to imagine creating our material without him however we have gained a new energy and forged new friendships”.

The new album from Sydonia, still to be named has been cited as a lot heavier material however has been explained that it is a point they have reached in their lives now “We’ve always written for ourselves and seeing as Sam is no longer in the band to bring in the harmonies we’re utilizing my heavier vocals. The new single [Eyes of Sand] has been received really well; we’re absolutely stoked about this”.

Sydonia have reenergised and have been utilizing diverse strengths from members – resources not generally tapped in the past to aid in the process of the recording - which has us intrigued as to what direction this album been taken in. Adam clarifies “The vocals on this album will be the distinction – the vocals are more dirty and full of angst” he adds. With the prospect of having to perhaps relabel Sydonia’s technique and genus Adam safely affirms “We’re just us, we’ll always be us and have always written from our hearts. We’ve been blessed with all the support over our career”.

Sydonia have upheld their integrity throughout their career, many challenges no doubt have afflicted the members both personally and professionally – what challenges was the band facing in the beginning and what challenges do the band face now? “Well its funny – you learn so much, you get better along the way. Things you struggle with at the start are always getting good equipment firstly but at the early times in the piece you get a bit lost as to what to do – how to go about it. You just have to tour, relentlessly”

Talking tours we wrap up with Adam to ask about his aspirations for the east coast tour “We're playing the capitals at this time – and the sunny coast, so a big show up there. The big thing is, is getting to play the Corner Hotel in Melbourne – it’s a big tick for us to play that on our own bat, it’s definitely any important venue to play for us”.


Friday, July 29 - JIVE - ADELAIDE
w/ Colibrium, Favour the Brave

Saturday, July 30 - CORNER HOTEL - MELBOURNE
w/ Over-Reactor, El Colosso, Rival Fire

Thursday, August 4 - KAROVA LOUNGE - BALLARAT
w/ Heaven The Axe & South East Desert Metal

Friday, August 5 - SOLBAR - MAROOCHYDORE
w/ Osaka Punch, Worldlines

Saturday, August 6 - CROWBAR - BRISBANE
w/ Tai Sui, The Iron Eye, Worldlines

Friday, August 12 - THE BASEMENT - CANBERRA
w/ Heaven The Axe, South East Desert Metal, Whitefall,
Kitten Hurricane, Lions of the Underground

Saturday, August 13 - VIC ON THE PARK - SYDNEY
w/ Stare at the Clouds