Backstage with Evil Invaders at Heavy Scotland... Annnnd Free Haircuts

"These guys in the crowd were like ‘Play more, play more’ and I was like Everything is fucked, it's destroyed".

I arrive backstage at Heavy Scotland to meet up with vocalist and guitarist Joe* and Lead guitarist Max Mayhem of Belgium’s oldschool speed-thrash quartet, Evil Invaders. These guys have taken inspiration from the best form of 80’s thrash possible, they’ve thrown their own spin on it and In the words of Destruction; have nailed it to the fucking cross. After their energetic show at Edinburgh’s Corn exchange, which definitely generated some new fans, I couldn’t wait to catch up with them for Metal as Fuck!

Hey Guys! So, Evil Invaders have played in Scotland before, what do you think of the place? Joe announces, “Yes, Scotland is awesome! We’ve played in Glasgow, with Destruction in 2014, actually every time we play in Scotland, Destruction is playing too, we actually have a deal with them.” His evil laugh fills the press room. But this is your first time playing in Edinburgh, have you had any time to check out any castles yet? Joe starts chuckling, “No, but we were in a ‘Newcastle’ yesterday….” (devilish laughs all around) I guess this set the pace for the rest of our chat. Well then! Joe, how was the show for you guys today? You had a pretty great reception out there, what did you think? “I think it was pretty good! Well, they didn’t run away!” No they didn’t! You guys put so much energy into your shows, you’re literally running all over the stage, what happens when you are super hungover and exhausted Max? “Well it actually works better! We didn’t drink yesterday and it was a mistake!” Joe chimes in, “Yeah, on tour it just happens, I think it's routine as well, when you’re on a big tour especially.” What is the biggest show you’ve ever played and is there any festival you’ve always wanted to play at? Joe gets excited, “Well yeah, Grasspop Metal Meeting is probably the biggest show we’ve played, I’d like to do a festival like Bloodstock Open Air, because we don’t play a lot in the UK and I think it would be really good for us to play somewhere like that.” You guys are heading on an American tour soon, that’s going to be great, first time in the US? “Yes, we’re heading over at the end of this month, but its going to be really tough, the border controls are really strict, so we cant take any of our own gear. Cant even take our own guitars, nothing, not even merch. So I guess we’ll buy it all when we get there!?”

Ok, so when you guys play shows in different countries, do you find there is quite a difference with the audience, for example playing in Finland vs playing in the UK? “Well playing in Finland was really cool, but actually, I never really notice a difference between the crowds, although Brazil is insane, Japan is really weird too. Great, but weird. In Europe its quite the same, for most crowds I guess.” How big were the crowds for your Brazilian shows? I heard they just go nuts for metal over there? “Oh man, yeah, they go really nuts, they go really insane, at a certain moment when we were playing a show there, all the gear on stage just got totally destroyed. I don’t know why, we just bought one guitar each so at the end of the set, we still had to play three songs and Max’s string broke.” Max takes over, “Yeah, this crazy girl jumped on stage and she fell with the mic. stand on my guitar, it got completely de-tuned, I had no tuner so I was running around trying to find a tuner. During that, apparently all hell broke loose!” Joe explains, “Senne was playing the drumkit and it just kept falling apart, the symbols were going down and suddenly he was just like ‘Fuck this shit’ and he just started kicking the drumkit. I don’t know what happened, I just tried to do like a big scream and I threw my guitar aside and I looked at the mic. stand, I was screaming and I had just ripped out the wire. I mean the plug was still in there, but the wire just broke. I was like ‘ahh fuck this shit’ so I just threw it to the ground and jumped into the crowd. These guys in the crowd were like ‘Play more, play more’ and I was like ‘Everything is fucked, its destroyed’. Then this guy looks at me and grabs me by the hair, while I’m crowd surfing and pulls me to the floor, screaming in my face ‘Play more!!!’ I was just like, ‘I cant play more, everything is fuuuuuccccked’, it was so cool, it was just pure adrenalin from everybody at the same time, it was Fucking Wild!

Joe, word on the grapevine is that you guys are bring out a new record for us soon, have you picked a title yet and when will it be released? “Well we’re going to release it in September, the studio time got scratched down a bit, we had some issues which we’ve fixed now so we had to postpone the release until September unfortunately.” It’s being recorded at home? “Yeah, well partially, I mean the drums were recorded in the studio of course and the rest was recorded at home. The title will be ‘Feed me Violence’, its quite a heavy album, different than what we’ve done before, its quite brutal.” Max adds, “But it still has the same spirit!” Joe continues, yeah, the same old school shit! Its Wild!” Well I cant wait to hear it guys, now how did you all meet? How did Evil Invaders come about, Joe? “There have been a lot of line-up changes through the years, but I started out jamming with a few friends in 2009, we played some shows. I mean, I would like to say that the real start of the band was with the release of our first self titled EP, because there had been so many line-up changes already, between 2009 and 2013. Then we released the EP in 2013, we started touring and it was then, that it was really the start of the band, from there on, we just kept on touring.”Have you guys got a lot of tours lined up this year? “Yes, we’re doing a lot of festivals, we’ve got a couple of shows with Sepultura and of course the US for the first time. Then I guess after summer we will set up a cool tour package and tour with the new record when its released.” Sounds busy! What do you guys think of the idea of touring to Australia? “Well that would be awesome! We could hang out with some kangaroos! For sure we would be interested if something came up!”

Awesome guys, well I have one last question, now its about your hair, how long have you had these epic fringes? (Laughs all around) Joe starts off “Well I’ve had mine since I was about 14!” Max is surprised, “Really? That long? Fuckin’ Aye” Joe defends himself, “Well yeah, it wasn’t fully grown yet, but it was there, I just kept cutting it…. No wait maybe it was 16.” Max laughs, “yeah yeah… I’d say that I was 17, I did it on a drunk trip...” Joe jumps in, “I was there! Dude! Because we’ve been friends from before, he came to our shows from time to time and this was when he was on a holiday over in like 2009.” Max elaborates, “Yeah, it was like four o’clock in the afternoon and we were already shit faced, and we went to the nearest hairdresser and I was like pointing at Joe saying, ‘I wanna fucking look like him!’ She gave me a discount of 5 bucks because she cut my fringe totally, not straight, luckily no one noticed, but we went to a bar after that with me and my terrible new fringe, I looked like Bruce Dickinson in the 80’s, but bad! Nikki you want a fringe? I’ve got some scissors right here?”

On that note, I ran away swiftly from these crazy-fringed rockers after thanking them for the laughs and the hair tips. Check out Evil Invaders EP, In for the Kill which came out last year and be sure to keep your ears peeled for their new record when it comes out after September.