Brujeria: Satanism, Sex & Spite

“Our attitude is always going to be the same and we will continue to bring that same attitude, Pocho Aztlan is a reflection of that attitude, it hasn’t wavered – only gotten stronger”.

Never have we seen Brujeria in Australia, never did we expect it - though our darkest dreams have come true as the one and only Brujeria are heading our way next month! Not only that, the Mextremists are bringing their black magic with Napalm Death and Lock-up, ohh my stars! Since 1989, Brujeria have been spreading their witchcraft in tales and song, with the most grinding tunes imaginable. Satanism, sex, drugs and spite; wholesome family fun for the metal masses. Metal As Fuck caught up with vocalist Juan Brujo to chat about their campaign for musical destruction! 

How does it feel for the band to finally be touring?! ““Pretty crazy sometimes but it’s all part of it - it feels good – it’s been a long time coming. It took a while for us to get going. Once we started, we had a lot of fun and just wanted to keep it going. It’s our first time in Australia! So hopefully it’s a great tour so we can come back” [Laughs] There is at least twenty years’ worth of fans who are beyond excited to see the band play – we’ll get to the Australian tour in just a moment but what I am most intrigued about – the last few months touring for the band, touring the new album and also playing all the old favourites that fans have never heard live – how has everyone been responding so far? “Really great – we can’t believe how good it has been. The turn outs and the responses have been great. It surprised all of us, we’re really happy and we want to keep it going”.  And what song from the new album in particular are you all enjoying playing live right now? “Well, we’ll have our new set when we hit Australia but we’ve been playing like Angel de la Frontera – which is a crowd favourite, another is Satongo, No Aceptan Imitaciones, and we’re going to mix up the set a little and play some tracks from the album that we haven’t played live as yet”. I have to admit, myself and my team had a little sneak peek – having seen the band play Wacken Open Air, how was that experience for you? “Wacken was crazy! It’s huge! I can’t believe how big it is. We had a great show – there were a lot of people and we played in that huge tent. The whole festival was mind blowing!”. 

The first Brujeria album in sixteen years and the fury around this album was more than apparent as we discussed last year when the album was released;  however playing the album live – what is the intensity like to play the first Brujeria album live in sixteen years? “It all fits in together – we really spent like the last ten years on the road, doing the best we could. Sixteen years is blowing my mind. We are really happy to get out and play it, internationally as well”. With the album – being that it is culminating the last sixteen years of the band, do you feel Pocho Aztlan accurately reflects where Brujeria are today? “Our attitude is always going to be the same and we will continue to bring that same attitude, Pocho Aztlan is a reflection of that attitude, it hasn’t wavered – only gotten stronger”. 

I’m curious as to how long this touring cycle for the band will last – do you have all the stars aligned with members to get all the dates and locations hammered out? “Yeah…. [Laughs] Well actually we have interchangeable members going on. It has always been a problem playing Brujeria live as some members were away or busy with other projects, so now we have a good group of bass players, drummers – we’ve been playing it as best we can. The last tour – we had Shane [EmburyNapalm Death] for Wacken though he was pre-booked with Napalm [Death] though he played Bloodstock shortly after [Laughs] it’s been crazy”. So how does that keep with the vibe of the band with members stepping in and stepping out – is it a hard thing to keep organised? “You know, it’s actually working out quite well – if a member has to step out there is always someone who loves the band who jumps in ‘I’m ready to go’ [Laughs] so when one needs to leave there is someone to take their place [Laughs] as long as the singer is the same you won’t notice the line-up constantly being changed up”. Australia is ready to see Brujeria next month! And as you’re coming along with Napalm Death – this might make things a little easier, eh? “Ohh yeah, I don’t think we would have gotten out there without them – we had a great tour with Napalm recently so we wanted to take it to Australia. The whole night is going to be non-stop”. What are the anticipations for the Australian tour, obviously being the first time in the country “I’m thinking sun and beaches [Laughs] the first time going over there – I don’t know too much about the place, I’m not going to plan it, just going to see what happens”.   



Campaign for Musical Destruction tour 2017

Oct 4th - Auckland, Kings Arms*

Oct 6th - Hobart, The Goods Shed*

Oct 7th - Adelaide, Fowler's Live (The New Dead Metalfest)

Oct 8th - Perth, Capitol

Oct 10th - Melbourne, Max Watt's

Oct 11th - Sydney, The Factory

Oct 12th - Brisbane, Max Watt's

ticket sale info can be found at: