L.G. Petrov of Entombed A.D.: ‘We Are The Same Drunken Metalheads As Always.’

“We’re Entombed, just with the ‘A.D.’”

Few individuals have defined their own brand of rocking death metal with more strength of character than Entombed A.D. frontman Lars-Göran ‘L.G.’ Petrov. In the wake Entombed A.D.’s 2016’s release Dead Dawn, somewhere in the misty morning twilight between a cigarette and a strawberry, Swedish death-n-roll master vocalist L.G. Petrov interrupted his breakfast of champions to chat with Metal As Fuck about Entombed A.D.’s upcoming onslaught of Australian venues.

So this is the first appearance of Entombed A.D. in Australia? “Yeah, I mean, it’s the same band. There were some technical difficulties along the way but, we just added ‘A.D.’ so we could actually do albums and tour, so, yeah, it’s going to be great!”

The events surrounding the formation of Entombed A.D. are well known. Borne of the ashes of longstanding, formative Swedish death metal act Entombed, Petrov united with former Entombed members Olle Dhalstedt, Nico Elgstrand and Victor Brandt, and continued to do what Entombed does best as ‘Entombed A.D’. I suppose then it’s been musically a fairly smooth transition from ‘Entombed’ to ‘Entombed A.D.’? “I mean, 90% of the band had been in Entombed for over ten years, so it’s the same, the frame of mind is the same as well so we’re all metalheads, so we continue to do as we do, and we’re really happy that this Australian tour came about so smooth and fast, ‘cause yeah originally we were supposed to do one festival in Indonesia, in Jakarta [Hammersonic 2017], and then the promoter, Hardline [Touring], said ‘why don’t you come to Australia’…why the hell not, when we’re in the neighbourhood? We are the same drunken metalheads as always. Its going to be fun to meet all the people, maybe some old school people, some who came to our shows back in the day, it’s going to be fun. And it think we are going to do a bit more of a longer set list, because we don’t get to come down there very often so we will just play until they throw us out [laughs].”                                

Entombed A.D. is playing a whirlwind set of Australian dates this May. Speaking of continuity between Entombed and Entombed A.D., I hear down the grapevine that we can expect some of the more classic material as well as the newer stuff…“Yup, of course, of course, if somebody shouts out a song, and we happen to know it, of course we will play it. It’s no problem. We have a basic set list but if everybody likes it we will just go for it and then make it into, like, an improvisation, yeah.” Whoa, Entombed A.D. taking requests?! “Yeah that might happen, it always happens. The crowd likes it and we love it so its bound to happen. Its like, we’re Entombed, just with the ‘A.D.’, basically the same band, so of course going to play some old school stuff as well. It’ll be fun.”

Petrov has been active in the metal scene for over twenty years. It’s sounds like it’s been fun all the way along. “Um, yes [laughs] Time just goes on, we don’t really think in depth that much, you know, it’s like, making an album, just playing, performing the songs live, see the energy of the people’s eyes, when they’re not headbanging, it’s a great honour, and the metal community today is really tight, it’s all good. Thriving.”

Like ships in the night, this tight community extends to touring bands. Its sounds like there have been some exciting times on tour for Entombed A.D., and extensive time on tour, with over twenty festivals and two hundred shows under their belts in 2016. Clearly, touring is something special. “Yeah. Yeah I mean, it has to be done. More and more. I figure that Marduk was down in Australia a while ago, great friends of ours, and they’re constantly touring, constantly. Constant touring. So are like, Amon Amargh. Constant touring. They sell a lot of records, much more than we do, but they still tour, because it has to be done. Because if you don’t show yourself, people aren’t going to come to you, you have to go them, you know. I can’t count the number of times we’ve met Marduk at the airport, like ‘hey it’s you guys! Let’s have a beer in the gate lounge!’ [laughs]. Bands are touring constantly, so you meet people on the road, it’s great.”

The same drunken metalheads indeed, Entombed A.D. are bringing the party with them! Is performing live and being amongst the metal community is the essence of heavy metal? “Of course when you are in the studio you have to be professional, as much as you can be, then get excited about the touring, which is when the party starts.” I guess that’s the best part! “I’m keen to check out the bands, see more of the Australian metal scene. It’s cool. I figure we wont have much sleep on that Australia run but it’s all going to be worth it.”

ENTOMBED A.D. Australian Tour Dates May 2017:

Tuesday 9th May - Brisbane - Crowbar
Wednesday 10th May - Sydney - Manning Bar
Thursdsay 11th May - Melbourne - Max Watts
Friday 12th May - Adelaide - Fowlers Licensed All Ages

Saturday 13th May - Perth - Amplifier