Matt Young of King Parrot: The Bold and The... Ugly

"We’re an unmistakable Australian metal band and we may not be as sleek or cool as others but we don’t give a shit!"

Metal As Fuck caught up with vocalist Matt Young of Australia's loveable thrash crazy brats, King Parrot on the eve of their return to American soil... The energy was apparent, the mood was electric as King Parrot are set to launch their trimphant return tomorrow with Ugly Produce

Not only are you guys mere hours away from heading off on an American tour with Superjoint and Devildriver but Ugly Produce; the next installment for King Parrot, is released Friday, so how is the band feeling on the cusp of its release? “Really good, we’ve had the release of the Piss Wreck video today which is going really well and all you can ask for really. Everyone is excited for the release – we took a self-imposed break over the last few months – our first real break in many years of touring, that has been great just to slow down a bit, get this new album done, work on these new videos – just go back to living normal life for a little bit, then realizing how much you hate that and you really want to get back on tour” [Laughs] so it’s fair to say the band are hungrier than ever? “Yeah, we love being on the road, we love touring and we love getting over to the states, we’ve got a great fan base over there, solid connections with people that really look after us, and people that really appreciate the work that’s involved with being an Australian band getting over to America. There is a lot of work involved and they appreciate the efforts we go to. Playing the kind of music we do – it narrows the audience of course but the people who like our music are such staunch supporters of it that it really makes it all worthwhile to get over there, play our songs and catch up with friends. We’re really lucky and grateful that we can continue to do it”.  And it is great to see countries embracing King Parrot with open arms “Exactly and we’ve received such great reviews of this new album so far, some really positive feedback. A lot of great feedback from really tough critics and I mean there are so many great bands in the US and it is so hard to crack into that market with something different but I think what’s going to hold King Parrot in good stead is that we do our own thing and it’s not a trend, it’s not popular – we stick to our guns and do our own thing and I hope that’s going to hold us in good stead for the future because we don’t know how to do anything else even if we wanted to” [Laughs] Well what did our mothers always tell us? ‘Just be yourself’ “That’s it! And that’s what we do, we’re just ourselves and we put it out there. We’re an unmistakable Australian metal band and we may not be as sleek or cool as others but we don’t give a shit – we can’t be that because we aren’t that and we don’t want to try and be something that we’re not. We’re really comfortable in our own boots and playing this kind of music that’s loud and thrashy and nasty and obnoxious – it’s loose and rough around the edges and we’re fucking stoked to be able to do that! I think these are all signatories of cool Aussie metal bands that we to tip our hat to - I say it in a lot of interviews about bands like Blood Duster, Bean Flicker and Damaged; these are the bands that influenced us growing up and those bands have these qualities also and this is what we always wanted to do and not to veer too far away from that”. 

Getting to the album and all these amazing reviews that are starting to roll in, this album has the band return angrier than ever – what kicked started writing for this album and what was the primary focus for Ugly Produce? “I think touring Dead Set for a few years and playing so many shows all over the world; spreading the name of the band as far as we could – I guess there was a bit of urgency within the group to start writing again because when we wrote Dead Set, Toddy [Hansen – Drums] was sort of still pretty fresh in the band and we were still working on the chemistry within the unit and it was something we had to fast-track for Dead Set. We’ve had a couple of years touring together now and the chemistry within the band has picked up and improved so with the new album we had a lot more time to write and process the songs, understand exactly what we wanted to play and how we wanted to play it – and there are so many different songs on this album, rock and punk, thrash and grind – there is a whole spectrum of stuff that King Parrot can pull influence from, I think that’s why we can never be pigeonholed because there is so many variables to the music. There is a real nastiness about it. There are real harsh vocals and with the two guitarists in the band having their own sound – in the new album we have one using a real thicker, warmer tone and the other a real sharpness. The bass is obnoxious in its own right and you can hear that coming through in the new album. All these elements came together and sounded like King Parrot” [Laughs] 

What do you feel has remained consistent with the material of King Parrot since the beginning? “I think just the intensity and the high octane approach. Whilst we have that element of humour within the band – that is identified through our videos, within the music it has always had a great deal of angst behind it; a real urgency. I think that has really helped catapult us up the chain a little bit in terms of having a good following. Since the outset we’ve really adopted the attitude, I mean we’re really not here to fuck around – we are going to play, we’re going to put on a good show and you are going to fucking pay attention! And I think that has been consistent throughout, it was hard at first – but when we figured out the kind of style we wanted to bring to the table, we started to hone the craft and it became natural to us. Yeah, this is going to alienate us from some people but it’s also going to solidify a genuine following. We do alienate people – people either really like King Parrot or they dead set hate it”. At least it’s straight down the line, no grey area “Absolutely! We don’t wanna be one of those bands that get comments like ‘ohh their ok’ nobody gives a shit about those bands [Laughs] I either hate that band or I like that band – and that’s the band we want to be. It has worked in our favour and we are just having so much fucking fun with it. Having that break reignited the flame within the band and we are so keen to get back onto the road now”. 

Do you believe Ugly Produce will give the previous releases for the band a run for their money? “Definitely. This is definitely our best album yet. I think every aspect of it is really good; from production to the videos, to the artwork – it has all come together really well. It is a true representation of where the band is now and I think we had deliberately steered toward the more traditional methods for production for this album as oppose to taking the more ultra-modern sound. We wanted to sound like a band. We didn’t want to sound like an over produced machine. We wanted to rawness, with all the little nuances that make a band sound like a band. So many bands; so many great bands are following in this stride and we want to be a part of it also”. 

With this album in particular once released – what are some goals you hope to kick with Ugly Produce? “The European festival circuit has always seemed to elude us. We were supposed to be heading over this year but it fell through. So I guess we are going to try a lot harder with this next year, start spreading the wings as hard as we can. Though who can complain, we have been incredibly fortunate to have come this far – I’ve been around the world touring with this band – going to places I never thought I’d get over to just for a holiday! If it all stopped tomorrow I would be so stoked for the opportunity but I guess the more you keep doing it you develop a taste for it and want to do it as much as possible. This has all been crazy for a bunch of bone heads from Melbourne” [Laughs]  



Sep. 23 - Austin, TX @ Come & Take It Live

Sep. 24 - El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls

Sep. 25 - Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theater

Sep. 27 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky

Sep. 28 - San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick

Sep. 29 - San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick

Sep. 30 - Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades

Oct. 01 - Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory

Oct. 04 - Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall

Oct. 06 - Ringle, WI @ Q & Z Expo Center

Oct. 07 - Chesterfield, MI @ Diesel

Oct. 08 - Indianapolis, IN @ Vogue

Oct. 09 - Joliet, IL @ The Forge

Oct. 11 - New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater

Oct. 12 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater

Oct. 13 - Reading, PA @ Reverb

Oct. 14 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium Rock N Shock

Oct. 15 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

Oct. 17 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade

Oct. 18 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room

Oct. 19 - St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theater

Oct. 20 - Orlando, FL @ Plaza Live




Wednesday, 13th December

Badlands, Perth

Thursday, 14th December

Uni Bar, Adelaide

Friday, 15th December

170 Russell, Melbourne

Saturday, 16th December

The Factory, Sydney

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