Metal As Fuck Are On The Ground & So Far, Heavy Scotland Is Heavy!

Buckle up Edinburgh, this ride is gonna be heavy!

Heavy Scotland is the name that has been circulating around the excited Edinburgh metal scene for the last few months and today it is finally here. Bringing fans from around the globe, is a brand new Scottish metal festival which will be taking place at The Edinburgh corn exchange is happening over the weekend (April 1-2). Buckle up Edinburgh, this ride is gonna be heavy! With a massive lineup boasting the likes of Behemoth, Arch Enemy, Finntroll, Destruction, Havok, Evil Invaders, Warbringer, Blaze Bayley (of Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane) and many other industry heavyweights, not to mention well known local acts ready to get out there and show off what Edinburgh is made of.

The festival is covering the entire weekend with Studio 24 kicking it all of last night by hosting a 'Hotter than Hell' pre-party showcasing more impressive local bands all the way through the 'Keep it Steel's' official Heavy Scotland after party on Saturday the 1st of April along with special guest DJs (from Alestorm, Destruction and Tesseract) sumo suit wrestling, free corpse paint and you know there will be Buckfast! Previously this week Metal As Fuck turned to Heavy Scotland festival Director Caitlin Elliot, to get the insider's scoop!

Caitlin, Less than a week away from the biggest Heavy metal festival to grace Scotland's capital, there is a lot of excitement in the air right now, is there anything you wish to say to all of the festival goers locally and to those coming from abroad? "THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us! It will be an absolute honour to welcome every one of our guests this weekend. We have put so much energy and passion in to making this a really exciting, memorable celebration of metal. The goal is to come together and enjoy some insane heavy music and unite in our love of all things metal. We have free Uber rides and a bus from The Corn Exchange to Glasgow after the headliners both nights - so please check our website for travel details, we've tried to make the event as convenient as possible for everyone". Do you have any insider tips regarding any not to miss local bands or any bands that you think could be the 'dark horse' of the festival? "The three local bands playing are all ridiculously amazing. Centrilia blow me away every time so it is going to be really fucking cool to see them on a big stage - they are going to be very memorable. Dyscarnate have been out of the live scene for a while however they are back with a new album, this is their first show with their new material, so definitely a set not to be missed.  

Which band are you personally most excited to see? "All of them! Having loved metal since I was young it is such a humbling experience to be able to bring all these bands together at one event which has been a dream of mine for over five years. It is so exciting to celebrate metal in this beautiful city with a group of people who love metal just as much as I do." What can punters expect to see as far as the metal and food markets are concerned? "Our guests will be able to pig out on lots of delicious food throughout the day, including hog roasts, bbq and burritos (as well as vegetarian options!) and there will be several stalls selling really cool merchandise, including our Heavy Scotland t shirts. We can't wait!"

Heavy Metal devotee's of Edinburgh have Caitlin to thank for bringing something so special to the area. And it is all about to begin - Metal As Fuck are on the festival grounds today to cover what will be the heaviest weekend in Edinburgh for 2017, so stay tuned.

Tickets are still available for Heavy Scotland at