Metal As Fuck Q&A With Insomnium....

With the Insomnium Australian tour heading our way fast, Metal As Fuck caught up with the band for a quick speed Q&A session whilst making their way through the winding roads of China...

With the Insomnium Australian tour heading our way fast, Metal As Fuck caught up withvocalist and bassist Niilo Sevänen for a quick speed Q&A session whilst on the roads of China...

The band, now in its twentieth year – what comes to mind with a statement like this?

"It's a long long time... Hard to even grasp it. We were basically kids when we started the band".

Speaking of statements; what has been the proclamation of Insomnium for all these years?

"Hmmm... "Be true to yourself and do the kind of music you really love. No compromises on this."

Twenty years is a lot to look back on – but what are the highlights that reign supreme for the band?

"This is hard... When our first demo got 10/10 and demo of the month in Terrorizer. Or when we got signed to Candelight, or when we got the second deal with Century Media... Or some of the most memorable shows in Tokyo, Los Angeles, London...". 

Winters Gate; firstly congratulations – an absolute gem. Did you suspect you were sitting on greatness with this album?

"Thank you! We had a good feeling all the time about this one". 

Where do you feel are the albums strengths?

"It grew just very naturally to what it is. Versatile package and something pretty unique, I would say. 40 min song and a short story in the same combo". 

Do you find any pressures or constraints writing within the genre(s) or do you feel the music of Insomnium has the ideal amount of room to breathe?

"We really, honestly do exactly what we want, and it happens to be this kind of music. But yeah, if one of us would like to do acid jazz, then he should start a new project". 

What does Winters Gate represent about where Insomnium are today?

"It presents the band well and sums up what we are". 

I understand the band whilst touring with the new album are in fact playing it in its entirety? Quite a feat – what ignited this idea? And will we see it in Australia?

"Yes we will play whole Winter's Gate live, also in Australia. I'm sure fans want to hear it like this". 

Australia! The band’s first ever headline tour – what are your anticipations?

"We are really looking forward to it! First time couple of years ago was awesome, so we presume it will be great. We get to do some tourist stuff as well". 

What was this time like for the band – just starting out? And what were the major objectives and obstacles at this time?

"Well, we were just like any bunch of kids starting a band. We started by playing some cover songs and then slowly began to make our own songs. Finding a vocalist was the first obstacle, and in the end I had to start growling". 

Winters Gate is a multi-award winning album – for those playing at home – what makes this album special?

"It's an album made with passion and love"

What challenges did you face (if any) whilst writing the album?

"Writing a 40 min song was a special challenge of course. But in the end it all went pretty nicely". 


Insomnium + Orpheus Omega Australian Tour

May 25 Max Watts, Melbourne

May 26 Bald Face Stag, Sydney

May 27 Crowbar, Brisbane



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