Mille Petrozza of Kreator: "This Is What We Live For"

"I think [Thrash Metal] is a vital and healthy scene still and the energy is still there - it is also still a very youthful style of music even though some of the bands are not as young still, we’re all still young at heart".

The complexities and contrasts of German Thrash, such a delectable genre of music that you either cut your teeth on or sharpen up over the years - German Thrash is a cemented movement in heavy metal, some would say the foundation and thanks to the greats such as Sodom and Kreator generations of devotees of violent and rigid head movements and patched jackets can enjoy for decades to come. Metal As Fuck caught up with legendary vocalist, Mille Petrozza recently to discuss the band's iron grip on Thrash Metal, their latest album Gods of Violence which has further solidified their reign and of course the Australian tour with Vader in which we are all pissing our pants about…  

Extremely busy over the last six months, of course in part due to the release of the band’s latest album Gods of Violence released in January this year via Nuclear Blast - indeed one for the ages and received with high praise from fans so how has it been to finally get the album out on the road and start playing it live? “The main thing when coming up with a new record, you do have to wonder how the new songs will come across and how they will fit into the aesthetic of the band - the new songs work really well, we’re happy with the new material and so are the fans, I mean it's one thing for a critic to love the album but if the fans don’t - then you have a problem, fortunately we don’t have this problem as the album is doing very well”. So giving the fans this material live over the last six months, what have been some of the highlights for the band in this time? “We recently played the Masters of Rock festival in the Czech Republic which was amazing, and also the European tour and US tour as a whole were definite highlights, we we’re really happy to get the reactions from the fans like we did, absolutely incredible, so yeah - everything almost. Every show is always great, it doesn’t matter if we’re playing to a crowd of 20,000 or 200 - every show is always a highlight”. 

So getting into the album - the first album for the band in almost five years, so what was the original vision behind Gods Of Violence? “We just wanted to make sure that this record was the next progressive step for Kreator. We didn’t want to repeat ourselves, we didn’t want to stray from our style - we wanted to make sure the record had everything it needed, I mean it's our fourteenth record! We had better come up with something cool, you know”. [Laughs] What stands out in this album for you personally? “I think the way the album flows, the contrast compliments each track well, it is also very diverse - there are arrangements that are just epic, and some that draw down a little with more mid tempo riffs - it's a roller coaster of emotions really”. I agree, I think it was just as Satan Is Real began - I went from calm and sombre to nearly flipping tables in the space of ten seconds “Yes!” [Laughs]  

Over the past thirty years, Kreator has proved itself both innovative and able to adapt to the ever changing landscape of heavy metal - but what would you say has remained consistent with the band over the last three decades? “The passion for music. If no other thing - we had somewhere for our creative output. We’re also still very big fans of the music - we like to come up with something we’ve never done before, when we’re on the road and we see the results, we see the energy - like this is what we live for”. This album in particular is mentioned to really bring the sound back to the original roots of German Thrash metal, now being within this genre for the past thirty years - how would you describe Thrash today and what standards does it hold? “There is a lot of new bands now - some great new bands and some of the older bands are coming out with great new material also - I think it is a vital and healthy scene still and the energy is still there - it is also still a very youthful style of music even though some of the bands are not as young still, we’re all still young at heart. That is how I would describe Thrash Metal today”. It is definitely a genre standing the test of time... 

I understand the band had the luxury of time whilst writing Gods of Violence so I’m curious - what is the general writing process for a Kreator album and how did you approach this album in particular? “It's not heavily involved actually, we’ll throw riffs at one another, play out some demos, back and forth - I mean it's a long process but it's fun and at the end of the day, we’re lucky enough to come out the other side with 8 or 10 great songs. It is hard work, you have to be very focused”. 

The band have a massive six months ahead of you also - including a trip to Australia in which we are all frothing at the mouth over - what are your anticipations for the tour? “We don’t make it to Australia that often - I think this is our 6th trip over maybe - and each time we visit we realise how many fans we have in Australia and its just so exciting to tour”. Vader are supporting so it is going to be a your to remember! “Absolutely!” So what will keep the band busy for the remainder of the year, touring wise? “Some more touring of America, starting in Mexico, then a few more festivals will take us into 2018”. 

Kreator & Vader hit Australian shores in Perth tomorrow night, tickets are selling fast with Brisbane and Sydney already SOLD OUT! And in the words of Mille Petrozza “Prepare to get your face ripped off!”



Tuesday 5th September – Perth – Capitol

Thursday 7th September – Adelaide – The Gov

Friday 8th September – Melbourne – 170 Russell

Saturday 9th September – Sydney – Manning Bar

Sunday 10th September – Brisbane – The Zoo