Q&A with Ben Tinker from Embrace the Dawn

Ben Tinker of Embrace The Dawn lends his two cents on embracing the music scene...

The Effigist has been making its way around the traps for a few weeks now and we caught up with Ben Ticker, guitarist for Embrace the Dawn to get the 4-11 on this beauty...

What has the album feedback the band has received so far? "The feedback so far has been great! Very well received which is nice".  For those playing at home - what can you tell us about the new album? "In terms of style I think we cover a lot of territory. With this album I really tried to put all the elements into a space of their own but still have them work with everything else. I tried to put riffs, technical elements, into the context of the songs as opposed to just hammering it out from start to finish, although there is some of that! The same with the vocals, I wanted to make sure they were always leading somewhere, a hook, a chorus. I think you hear this most on a song like “The Tide” or “Cold Black Hole”.

And what risks were taken during the process - and how has the band evolved during this process? "Not too many risks really. As for the band evolving, well I think we’ve all learned a lot". The band consists of  four equally (geographically) distant members - you Ben on guitar here at home, from Canada Denis Landry on bass, Kevin Talley on drums for the US, and Roger Isaksen representing the Norwegian division; how did it eventuate to have such a diverse selection of band members from around the globe? Was this intentional? "I started the project two years ago, it was basically a one man band. I always wanted to use real musicians wherever possible, so I set out finding likeminded musicians to work with. This line-up is the evolution of that process. I met Denis and Roger through The URM Academy which is an online audio school created by Eyal Levi, Joey Sturgis, and Joey Wanasek, we’re all producers learning from the best. I was already a fan of Denis’ bass playing in Raising The Veil so when I met him on the URM we got to talking and things just sort of happened from there. Later, I was looking for a singer so I had no hesitation looking in the same place and that’s how we found Roger. We all have the similar taste in music and sense of humor". 

Being the founder of the band, what challenges have you had to face to form the band to its current mould and also keeping the momentum of the band moving forward? "The biggest problem is not distance as you might think, the internet makes that easy, it’s people’s busy lives. Getting everyone in sync so people downstream don’t get held up is the biggest problem I’d say. For example if someone had to finish part A before someone else can do part B, by the time part A is done the next person might be working on something else so they can’t get to it for a few weeks. It’s just how life is these days, everyone has deadlines and work they need to get done". 

In Australia we miss out on having a lot of bands come for shows due to expense and distance, Being an Aussie myself I know how important is it to keep the Australian metal scene alive. "I think it’s very important to keep all live music healthy. It’s something that has become a bit of problem everywhere. The most important thing is for the fans to go to the shows. If the shows get sold out then they’ll come back. They also tell other bands and they’ll come next time too. And, if you really want to see an overseas act down here, then let them know. Engage with them on social media, buy their albums, I promise you, we see where the fans live. If a band builds a following in a country then they’ll go there, I’ve seen this happen many times". 

Now that The Effigist has been released, what is next for Embrace the Dawn? Anything in the pipeline that you can share? "We’ll keep writing and when the time is right that too will become a release. Everyone has other projects as well. I’m working on some solo stuff that is nothing even close to metal. Denis is killing it as a producer and writing great stuff. Roger has a new band called Vecordious that he’s just started with and a new album coming out in December". 


Embrace the Dawn’s new album “The Effigist” available now on iTunes and Bandcamp.