Q&A with Claim The Throne

"The process was something that we enjoyed and the positive attitude translates to the recording".

Australia's Claim The Throne will return with their next offering 'On Desolate Planes' next month and already the material is described as a feast for the senses, with a heavy emphasis on development and their determination for DIY. The album is released on October 13 so Metal As Fuck caught up with Glenn Dyson recently to decrypt the elements that make 'On Desolate Planes'.   

What did you set out to achieve with the new album? "We set out to create an album that had all the usual elements of Claim The Throne, but made the heavier parts heavier, the melodic parts mellower, and performed in a better way overall than we have before. That meant extensive pre production to be able to nail the recording and spend more time developing the actual songs. Our drummer Ash did the recording, and he had a whole bunch of things from that side of things that he wanted to achieve with the sound, and we’re all stoked with how it turned out". 

So with all these refined elements on the new album where would you say you wanted to experiment or take risks? "We had two guest appearances on the album which is a first for us, both death metal musicians which is risky for a folk metal band! But that was one of the ideas that helped us move into a heavier realm. In terms of recording, we did real drums with very minimal edits. We did guitar tracking without copy/pasting any repeat sections, and used different keyboard/piano sounds". What will stand out to the fans about this album in particular? "The ruthless vocals. There are sections with layers of the usual raspy parts, backed up with wild screams and gutturals, plus melodic female singing, all at the same time. It’s pretty intense!"

How does this album represent where Claim The Throne are at today? "It shows that we don’t really fit into the viking/pirate scene anymore, and are essentially just a melodic death metal band with a bit of symphonic/folky influence. It also hammers home our dedication to DIY. Listeners to our podcast will know how much we promote the idea of bands being able to do things themselves. In this case, we recorded it ourselves, releasing it independently, promoting with a self-developed marketing campaign, the distribution, and now we’re working on booking our own tours to take it around the globe". 

From the taste we’ve all had so far – it is apparent there is a new found energy within this album – what changes have happened within the band since the last album? "That is a fair observation! The last album we toured pretty hard, which I think helped us develop as musicians and get a clearer idea of the direction we are taking. Further to that, we spent some serious time getting the song-writing nailed, and spent heaps of time doing pre production so when it was time for the studio we had more confidence and excitement. The process was something that we enjoyed and the positive attitude translates to the recording". 

Where was your primary focus with the album? "Having great songs and tracking them to a high standard". And what themes did you explore with the new album? "The concept of this album is based around the Australian desert - harsh, relentless and bleak. A guy is lured out to the desolate plains, dehydrated and lost he trips out a bit and then is feasted upon by the very birds that lured him there. The artwork is something different for us, rather than having a warrior theme with heaps of colour, this one is black and white with a trippy centre design. Captures the feel of the album pretty well I reckon". 

What is one aspect of the sound of Claim The Throne that has remained consistent throughout? "Keyboard melodies over heavy guitar, with both raspy and clean vocals". What challenges were you faced with whilst recording? "We finished the recording around a year ago, but could not release it straight away because of shopping it around overseas and putting together the best possible release plan that we could. We booked a couple of album launch tours that we had to cancel because of other tour clashes and things of that nature. There were quite a few things that pushed back the release date which was frustrating, but now it all seems to be falling into place". 

The question on all our lips - what are plans to promote the album once released? "There’s a pretty extensive pre order campaign going on at the moment. We’ve released one new music video and there is a second due out soon. Plenty of reviews and interviews online, and a heaps of touring on the way, including playing 6 dates with Wintersun in Australia and Japan". 



2 November - Melbourne

3 November - Sydney

4 November - Brisbane