Q&A with Riley Strong of Desecrator...

"A desecration is similar to an obliteration, not distant from an annihilation and a distant cousin of a remuneration".

Metal As Fuck recently caught up with Riley Strong, a duel talented chap playing the role of vocalist and guitarist in Desecrator for a quick Q&A. The band are currently touring the country in support of their debut album To The Gallows.... 

1. What has the band been up to over the last 12 months? and what are the highlights? "A fair bit actually! Last year was a big touring year for Desecrator, we toured through Mexico and Brazil with our brothers Piranha from Mexico, I stuffed my ankle playing a solo on a table and had to play a bunch of shows sitting down in a moon boot like Axle Rose was doing around the same time, we then did two back to back tours through Europe the first supporting Venom Inc. And the second Overkill. Both were amazing experiences and killer groundwork overseas for the band. I'm amongst that we tracked and now have just released an album entitled To The Gallows that people are digging. All in all, pretty good 12 months". 

2. Have the band broken any records or smashed any goals in the last 12 months? "Well as mentioned above I broke and smashed myself on tour if that counts? We cut a record which was a goal".  

3. What does the band set out to achieve in 2017? "We're currently touring the new album around Australia during April and May and will head back overseas to do the same later in the year before no doubt starting the whole cycle again". 

4. What is a desecration in Thrash Metal (in your opinion)? "A desecration is similar to an obliteration, not distant from an annihilation and a distant cousin of a remuneration, in my opinion". 

5. What traditional elements of thrash do you like to keep 'alive' in the music of Desecrator? "All of them! Thrash is a great genre of high energy music that draws influences from punk, rock etc. so there's a lot to play with and be influenced by". 

6. Where do you like to innovate? "In the bathroom to fill the void of not having the snake game on a Nokia mobile phone".  

7. Why such a long wait for a full blown album? "We were too busy out on the road making a name for ourselves as a live band. It was never intentional to wait so long but it's not as if we sat on our hands pondering it either. We've had 8 full on years of touring and slogging it out around Australia and more recently overseas and whilst we could have juggled that differently it has been a great way for our sound and songs to mature ready for this release". 

8. What does the album clearly state about the band and where it is today? "That we are an Australian translation for thrash metal. To The Gallows is a perfect example of who and what Desecrator is and I'm very proud of that.

9. Capturing that live ferocity the band are known for during recording - how did you achieve this? "Sounding organic and 'real' was a big sticking point for us so our choice of drum studio, tracking style, amp choice etc. was all engineered to try and capture a true representation of hands playing instruments. Going into the recording we had no solid idea of how possible this would be but as the recording went on discovered that often the simple road of just getting in and playing the dongs how you always would translated the best. Just four blokes playing metal".  

10. What challenges did you face (if any) during the recording process? "It was an interesting time tracking the record as we were in between tours, working and generally burnt out but hyper excited to get it done, in writing that I guess it ties into the previous question and influenced part of the live sounding element of the recording. Overall working with Jason Fuller at Goatsound Studios was a pleasure though and there were no really tense points". 

11. What is on the horizon for 2017? "We are currently touring Australia in support of To The Gallows and have a pretty extensive regional and major city date list that can be found pretty easily online, we're traveling with the new album and new merch to sell as well which is pretty cool and we'll keep traveling it for the rest of the year whilst starting to quietly create some new music in the downtime". 

Photo courtesy of Luke Doddrell of LD Photography Inc. 


To The Gallows Australian Tour

Desecrator w/ Hidden Intent

April 26 - Warrnambool, The Loft

April 27 - Ballarat, The Eastern

April 28 - Geelong, Barwon Club

April 29 - Melbourne, Bendigo Hotel

May 5 - Canberra, The Basement

May 6 - Woy Woy, Woy Woy Leagues Club

May 7 - Sydney, Frankies Pizza

May 12 - Perth Amplifier Bar*

May 13 - Bunbury, Eliot Street Bar*

(* Desecrator only) 

For more information on the above shows click here