Steel Panther: 73% More Sex

"The people [in Australia] just get us and there really is no limit to the fun. Although I heard that koala’s have a lot of gonorrhea so I’m not fucking one of those again".

Sweat and glitter, the LA lads of Steel Panther just glow - be it due to their fiery nature, their homage to the 80's or the blowey they just recieved back stage... Either way, the ethos that makes Steel Panther is an old-school allegiance to the glory days... and perhaps in this case glory holes. Steel Panther are set to embark on our shores this May for the Sunset Strip Live tour - capturing the aformentioned sweat and glitter in Australian moshpits, originals and covers - the grand old 80s are here! Metal As Fuck caught up with vocalist Satchel this week to ask those questions we're already regretted asking... 

It is said that life experiences sum up a lot of the songs for Steel Panther - perhaps some more inspiration might show itself during the upcoming Australian tour? "Australia is always inspiring for us in so many ways. Many songs that may seem obvious come from our life experiences down under. Poontang Boomerang. The Shocker.  We have a demo called I Fucked Olivia Newton John When She Was Hot .The people there just get us and there really is no limit to the fun. Although I heard that koala’s have a lot of gonorrhea so I’m not fucking one of those again". 

Australia is the world first for the run of shows known as the Sunset Strip Live tour - a collection of originals and covers - what covers can we be expecting? "We are going to play some of the greatest 80’s metal hits on the planet, like only Steel Panther can. People who only know our original material may not know that we cut our teeth playing these songs for years, and capture the essence of the 80’s down to the smell of the Aquanet.  You’re gonna leave feeling like Bon Jovi made love to your ear drums".

All Panther, all night - fans are salivating - a Steel Panther concert is always one to be remembered, what tales can you recall from your last tour in Australia? "I loved naked bungee jumping from the Harbour Bridge. Naked kangaroo boxing was a blast in Brisbane. Also here was a lot of naked sex having which was probably my favorite. Better than getting kicked by a kangaroo in your naked balls for sure". 

Tom Jones was known to have knickers and hotel keys thrown at him whilst performing - what have been some items the ladies (or the men) have thrown to you whilst on stage and what have been some the weirdest items? "Michael has a lot of penis enlargement kits thrown at him. Lexxi gets Botox needles. That’s dangerous. I’ve been getting a lot of paternity suit documents. I try not to read those. Stix like bbq so people throw ribs. That can get messy". 

Do you attempt to set any records when performing? Primarily for your own amusement. I’ve often wondered how many pouts Lexi can muster before his face turns inside out…. "Lexxi has his face turned inside out recently. The skin looks like a baby’s bottom now. Sexy in a creepy way. The only record I want to set is to have sex with the most girls. I think I may have done that already. Wish they made an app to keep track of that shit". 

Do you feel that the light hearted and naughty nature of the music - furthermore, the ethos of Steel Panther aides in breaking down barriers between sexes and certain people who miss the point? "I don’t know if anyone can help those poor individuals who miss the point, but there is no question people who love Steel Panther have sex 73% more than people who don’t. So suck on that point missers". 

The music of Steel Panther is hilarious - one can’t help but smirk - how do you know you have a hit track? Through trial and testing with fans? With its shock value of lyrics? How do you know you’ve written a winner? "We usually jam it together at a rehearsal studio naked. If we all have full erections by the end of the song, it’s going on the record". 

What are you hoping to get out of your Australian tour? Be it the live performance with the covers selected - are you able to kick any goals on this tour? "Our goals are always the same. To put on the greatest rock show in the universe. And to get the sluttiest girls backstage". 

Aside from the obvious - what is a must have item whilst on stage performing? "Michael needs boner pills. Lexxi can’t perform without his Mac makeup kit. Stix has hemorrhoid medication. I have a strap to tape my enormous member to my leg". 

Where will Steel Panther be taking the Sunset Strip Live tour throughout 2018? "Anywhere we can find easy women and BBQ for Stix". 


Steel Panther ‘Sunset Strip Live’ 2018 Australian Tour


Tuesday, 15th May — NEW SHOW

The Forum, Melbourne

Wednesday, 16th May — SOLD OUT

The Forum, Melbourne

Friday, 18th May

Big Top, Sydney

Sunday, 20th May

Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Tuesday, 22nd May

Astor Theatre, Perth


Tickets available at MJR Presents