"A testament to this is that over the course of writing the album, about four months – our pub visits were at zero! We couldn’t find the pub… Maybe that had something to do with it”
"We’re an unmistakable Australian metal band and we may not be as sleek or cool as others but we don’t give a shit!"
Three years in the making, borne of the depths of the mind and the night, Deep Calleth Upon Deep promises to be a milestone release for Satyricon.
"I think [Thrash Metal] is a vital and healthy scene still and the energy is still there - it is also still a very youthful style of music even though some of the bands are not as young still, we’re all still young at heart".
"I hope people read it and enjoy it; enjoy the history of Metal Blade and the history of metal as we have shared the same journey, we’ve grown up around it, been moulded by it, our paths have crossed many times..."
Wey Aye, Man...
Paradise Lost challenge us to gaze unto to monster that is our present, and our future.
"Now our culture is part of heavy metal culture".
"It was a fearless record".
"I love that we are all inspiring one another; it is a really cool thing. Musicians are all connected – we’re all connected, from opposite sides of the world even - it’s just the power of music".