Ne Obliviscaris were recently in Brisbane, offering the perfect opportunity for Metal as Fuck to find out what the Melbourne based six-piece metal band have planned to follow their successful 2012 release Portal of I, and what impact signing with Season of Mist may have.
Metal as Fuck chats with Neuronspoiler hard-hitter Tim Barclay about Emergence, working with Guillermo 'Will' Maya and the bands inspiration and progression.
Remember that kid getting scolded by his father for watching Megadeth when he wanted to see the News? Well, this IS the news, according to man of quick-silver wit and rivet head, Steve Hughes. Die-hard Metallica fans might want to grab a tissue for this one...
The thrasher's thrasher... the hardest working man in show business!
Metal as Fuck caught up with singer Sam Rilatt recently to see what 2013 is going to bring for the Sydney based melodic death metal outfit.
Messin' with the New York boys...
Timothy Pope, the Noise and FX supremo from Sydney's The Amenta, talks about the war of the psyche, musical experimentation and the new release Flesh Is Heir.
Would you like a little bit of folk with that?
CBGBs. Bad Brains. Been there, done that...
In 2012 Metal As Fuck upped the ante in terms of coverage of not only the best bands Australia had to offer but the international favourites. To genuinely promote home grown metal to the masses we thought, it was time to bring out the big guns. To the Metal As Fuck cohort; spanning from Australia to Scandinavia, Europe to the US; Metal As Fuck are very proud to launch Metal As Fuck TV - Episode 1 Featuring Mnemic, Scar The Surface & Dawn Heist