Wacken Open Air, get more (head) bang for your buck...
Who would have thought this would ever happen again?! Don't miss this tour Australia
The term renaissance means 're-birth' and this is exactly what Fleshgod Apocalypse have done for heavy metal...
"I Don't Wanna Fucking Grow Up Today... Thank You"
With the Insomnium Australian tour heading our way fast, Metal As Fuck caught up with the band for a quick speed Q&A session whilst making their way through the winding roads of China...
"These guys in the crowd were like ‘Play more, play more’ and I was like Everything is fucked, it's destroyed".
"I‘m actually a complete pacifist but for a complete pacifist, I can tell you way more about the actions about the Panzer divisions, than most I guess!"
The band is set to destroy the capital tonight!
“We’re Entombed, just with the ‘A.D.’”
So... how do you put on those ears??