The devil's in the beat...
Metal as Fuck managed to drag Johan Hegg and Fredrik Andersson away from their mead long enough to have a chat.
"We Are Your Fucking Alarm Clock Sydney!"
A new EP is coming!!!
"Fuck it! Bring the sun! I’ll beat the sun. I’ll stab the fucking sun right in the fucking heart and kill it! I’ll bring it down to the fucking plains of Australia – we’ll put it on that big rock you guys have – and we’ll all fuck it!”
Mephistopheles vocalist Chalky sits down with Metal as Fuck to talk about their latest release and the grim prospect that if things don't start happening for the band soon, there might not be a future for them.
"If you're an asshole, you're still an asshole."
We Will Be Filming At Soundwave.... So Get Ready
We Have Been Wanting To Play Soundwave For Years!!
Go on! Bring me some Monster Munch...