Don’t let their catchy pop-infused choruses that leave you wanting to hit the nearest dance floor fool you: Swedish/Danish sextet Amaranthe are metal to the core.
And he's a big fan of inclusivity too...
On a busy night in Sydney, Northlane singer Adrian Fitipaldes found the time to talk to us about staying humble in the face of success, the evolution of the metal community in Australia, and the audiobooks behind his lyrics.
Finding ourselves in their dressing room, Maf and Continents sit and talk past, present and future for the upcoming South Wales quintet.
Deadlines Are Often Thrown Overboard....
The New York band's time could be now, feels their affable guitarist.
I knew just about everything there is to know and allowed my subconscious mind and feral emotions to fill in the spaces....
Every Opportunity Is A Gift, Don't Waste Your Time
After five studio albums, two live albums, two compilation albums and an EP, Swiss Celtic Folk Metallers Eluveitie are finally making the trip to Australia. Metal as Fuck caught up with singer/songwriter Chrigel Glanzmann to find out a little more.
Ne Obliviscaris were recently in Brisbane, offering the perfect opportunity for Metal as Fuck to find out what the Melbourne based six-piece metal band have planned to follow their successful 2012 release Portal of I, and what impact signing with Season of Mist may have.