“Six years does seem like an inordinate amount of time doesn’t it? But I was busy living in sin for much of that time".
"I had a novel approach to music and that was do what I like".
“We will tour Canberra extensively from March 2017 til April 2033”
"Well, when you pass out that’s a pretty good night’s sleep too"
All we would hear was "stop playing this awkward fucking style of music"
"Having the five writers adds to the undeniable strength of the band, it makes Epica very diverse".
"It was the best show we’ve ever played hands down"
Metal As Fuck showcases Studio 1430 Norway - spreading the word of Norway's finest metal bands. In this webisode, Studio 1430 caught up with Ivan Meathook' Gujic of Blood Red Throne to talk the new album; Union of Flesh & Machine...
"Yeah, we don’t do nice things to him in that song"
"This scene is where it is at – it is true, it has a force that has been steadily roaring forward for thirty plus years and I’m kind of happy it never had that mainstream appeal"