We asked our finest writer to do a fair, balanced preview of the upcoming Bloodstock festival. Unfortunately he was ill so we got Wanker Gorlock, who covered the festival in 2009, to do it instead.
After having gently salvaged this interview from the death grip of a moribund hard disk, Metal As Fuck can finally present a candid and intelligent chat with Goatwhore’s Ben Falgoust.
Just after they wrapped up a successful Australian tour in April to promote their brand new Blackheart Revolution album, the Genitorturer's super hot scantily clad singer (when onstage), and mistress in chief Gen, was happy enough to hook up with Metal As Fuck for a debriefing. And no, that wasn’t an underwear pun.
Early today, the Des Moines Register reported that Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel room.
Being online in so many spaces at the time of Ronnie James Dio's death, the Metal as Fuck team saw so many heartfelt tributes from the fans. We felt it was only right that they be given formal space here, and the credence that they deserve.
Ride on, sing a song, carry on - he rocks.
Faster, harder, louder... just how much metal is too much?
From deathcore to Billie Holiday, Jonny is a man of few words. But we manage to get a few out of him...
Yes it's true: our article that the South Australian government is seeking to prohibit the sale of heavy metal music to minors with tough new censorship laws was a joke.
One of the finest men ever to draw breath, Lee Barrett has been churning out the good stuff for longer than most of you have been banging your heads... let's take a quick spin around one of the more remarkable careers in metal