'The sheer eagerness of the Aussie crowds; that's surely something that can't be matched'
Great Is Our Sin is an epic album that recounts a sombre tale of humankind through the ages....
Let the world burn!
"We were just in this bubble full of creativity and freedom".
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the....
In the wake of releasing their ninth studio album ‘Underworld’, longstanding U.S. progressive metal band Symphony X are, for the first time, arriving on Australian shores for two ground-breaking shows this October.
Smoke it. Get High.
One of deathcore's formative forces, Despised Icon, are back. Recharged and ready to go with a heavy-hitting new album. Alex Erian talks to Metal As Fuck about 'Beast' and returning to the band's roots.
Jack The Stripper
Kvelertak is one of the most distinctive heavy bands of this century. After developing an instantly recognizable sound, they face the unenviable task of changing. Metal As Fuck catch up with vocalist Erlend Hjelvik to talk about those changes and the new album.