You've eaten your porridge, now wash your bowl...
"The audience were singing the lyrics and the guitar riffs, louder than we could hear ourselves on stage"
"The truth is the modern day occult"
"Whether you’re into the harshest black metal, the fastest hard-core or the heaviest doom, there’s a little something in Colossvs that every heavy music fan can get into"
"There is no shortage of hard working bands coming from Australia"
"When you tour with people who put forth their best effort for the shows, it's amazing for everyone"
"It’s still good to be pissed off, it’s healthy"
“The more I've travelled, the more I think we have the best local bands in the world"
'The sheer eagerness of the Aussie crowds; that's surely something that can't be matched'
Great Is Our Sin is an epic album that recounts a sombre tale of humankind through the ages....