One of the rare geniuses of metal, Metal as Fuck talks with the inimitable, indomitable and incredible Devin Townsend.
In Perth for the last of the Big Day Out festival dates, Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares get comfy on the Metal As Fuck interview couch. Watch the videos here!
While the internet can be a source of dis-information, useless gossip, cheap porn, slanderous allegations and bogus death notices, it can also be a valuable source of information, of connecting and of community (as well as cheap porn). The folk at the Encyclopaedia Metallum Metal Archives are definitely part of the latter. Well, we meant of the community at least: we didn't actually inquire about cheap porn!
During their “Big Day Off” tour in Australia, Metal as Fuck caught up with Atlanta-based vocalist and bassist Troy Sanders, of the mighty Mastodon, for a trip into the ethereal world of Crack the Skye, and the astral planes beyond in what he described as the “best interview ever!”
It would be hard to find another band that keeps up a touring schedule like Behemoth. We talk to Nergal on one of his rare days off about touring and being the clergy's Enemy Number One.
Combining polar opposites is never an easy task but the Brutal Ballet Company have approached this challenge with passion and tenacity. They may have their detractors in both metal and ballet camps but that's not going to stop them...
Krusher Joule has seen it all in thirty years in the world of metal - here are a few of his memories on times past...
Riding a wave of almost universal acclaim on their sophomore release, sludge metal pioneers Baroness are travelling even further South for Australia’s Soundwave Festival and a side-show tour with Isis. Summer Welch, the articulate bassist for the enigmatic quartet, talks all things brutal, blue and metal.
With the rise of the new wave of thrash, which has taken the world by storm in the past two years or so, it becomes easy to forget that some of the earliest thrash bands are still going strong. Enter Overkill: old-school thrashers with a long history.
Song-writer, producer, artist: Wednesday 13 has had a diverse musical career spanning many bands; and he lands on Australian shores next month (February ‘10). He caught up with us for a chat while still in America, touring with Gunfire 76.