For the lead guitarist in such an intense band, Rob Arnold is sure one calm, together dude...
Pulling together a 'best and worst of' is difficult even in the best circumstances. When you have a team worldwide with hugely diverse taste and over 90 nominated albums, it's even harder. But out of all of that, there was one clear winner: Goatwhore.
Touring for almost three years straight, the human canvas and vocal powerhouse Dez Fafara of DevilDriver talks shop with Metal as Fuck as we discuss his recent Aussie tour, the workload, the demise of Coal Chamber, and his personal favourite beverage: wine.
Greek band Kinetic have expanded from four members to six over the years, and dedicate their lives to the music. To talk about how the band works, and their upcoming release Human Horror Industry, MaF caught up with vocalist/bassist Savvas Betinas.
The Faroe Islands thrashers talk to Metal as Fuck about touring, playing, their influences, and, of course, their upcoming album Fighters They Bleed.
We caught up with Whitechapel's Alex Wade recently, most ostensibly to talk about their forthcoming Soundwave appearances throughout Australia in 2010. Unfortunately, the interview was quite short because the phone connection was absolute shite. Ah well; you win some, you lose some. But suffice it to say, the guys are hell excited about hitting the land down under this coming February.
The Metal God talks to Metal as Fuck about Winter Songs: what it means to him, why he did it, and which tracks he personally likes best...
Talking with Guy Kozowyk, vocalist for The Red Chord, was probably the longest interview I've ever done. Clocking in at an hour, we talked music, art, tours, lyrics, and a whole lot more besides.
Science, technology and heavy metal are welded together for Scar Symmetry, exploring the universe with their guitars in their new album, Dark Matter Dimensions. Talking to drummer and lyricist Henrik Ohlsson, we get a glimpse into the vast inner workings of this cosmic progressive death metal outfit.
When the good Lord says he just had your mum for breakfast, consider thyself blessed by the Holy Spirit. Because somewhere in the greasy underbelly of Australia (Perth actually) there resides a most noble and illustrious Lord, last name Labia, unrelated to either God Our Father or Ahriman from Dark Funeral, who fronteth a Grindsome musical unit called Cuntscrape...