The Black Dahlia Murder released their latest album just last month: Deflorate. To talk about the album and what's going on in the BDM camp, I caught up with frontman Trevor Strnad for a bit of a chat.
An album that's been six arduous years in the making, a band with a revolving door of vocalists - there hasn't been much light for Anthrax recently. But now revitalised, bassist Frank Bello is feeling only one thing; excitement.
Voyager might have a Scandinavian sound but if A-Ha want to bring it on, they'd better be ready to rumble.
Helmuth, founding guitarist of blackened death metal act Belphegor, is a man who knows what he wants. Hot from the release of Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn, he chats to Metal as Fuck about the intense production, and his upcoming plans.
Crystalic is the first band in Europe to win a Metal as Fuck spotlight feature, having scooped the pool by a long way. Of course, these guys didn't dare to think that they would win; or that they had fans and supporters, not just at home but also abroad, sufficient to see them charging to the post.
Talking on a range of topics including the new album, the impact of downloading, the fun of touring and drinking, and even Kylie Minogue, I sat down with LORD's frontman Lord Tim for an enjoyable chat.
The frontman manages to tear himself away from his garage studio long enough to answer some questions...
Amon Amarth are pure-bred Norse metal warriors that have conquered the world with their hard-driving, destructive and infectious Viking death metal. With their metal quest eying not only their homeland but the Great Southern Land, vocalist Johan Hegg talks to Metal as Fuck.
Suffocation's drummer Mike Smith talks to Metal as Fuck about Blood Oath, being twenty years into their career, how the industry needs to change, and, of course, their current Aussie tour with Arch Enemy
Bassist Tobias Exxel loves to have a laugh – and so do Edguy. Fresh from a US tour, Tobi sits down and chats with Metal As Fuck about our (and seemingly their) favorite profane expression, expressing our enthusiasm for a certain music genre.