Angela Gossow talks about The Root of All Evil and Arch Enemy's forthcoming Australian tour. But she also talks about the big questions of equality and gender, why people who fantasise about Medieval times amuse her, and why she likes living in the times she does.
We are the masters of our own universe. This is the message conveyed by symphonic metal group, Epica, in their most recent album, Design Your Universe, released this month. Having also released a live album in the last year, they are now touring across Europe. Three concerts into this tour, keyboard player Coen Jansen took the time to chat to us about living his dream.
Could you write a Top 20 of your favourite metal tracks of all time? Could you explain why your top track is sitting at number one? It's a hard task, but it's one that Canberra-based journalist Scott Adams wants you to do, to help him write a book about metal. But it's not just any book; it will be one for more than just metal fans, and it will be written by those who know the most about it: passionate metalheads like you.
The busiest day of Wacken yet... more bad weather, showering, drinking, international negotiations, interviews... oh, and some music in between all that.
Swedish death metallers Daemonicus released their first full-length album earlier this year, to excellent reviews. Recently, Metal as Fuck caught up with guitarist PO to talk about their history, their new release, and what we can expect from these guys in the future.
A Hulking, imposing and undisputed god of metal, Kerry King, guitarist of the fabled and celebrated Slayer talks to Metal as Fuck on their unprecedented tour of Australia in partnership with Megadeth.
If you haven’t heard of Steve Vai, you probably think a Fender should be attached to a car. Talking to the rather articulate legendary guitar virtuoso, we discuss (his project) 'Where the Wild Things Are', beekeeping and his dear musical brother-in-arms, Devin Townsend.
Sadistik Exekution's enigmatic vokillist Rok sets the record straight on SadEx history and fills us in on their upcoming rare live appearance at the Australian Metal Awards in November. WARNING: This interview is not for those easily offended by the word 'FUKK'!
Young German death metal act Hackneyed sprang up out of nowhere a couple of years ago, with their début album Death Prevails. A little while ago, on the eve of the release of Burn After Reaping, I had the chance to talk to Hackneyed vocalist Phil about the album, their dream festivals, and the loss of their original guitarist, Ix.
BerserkerfoX were the second winners of our lesser-known bands spotlight. A young band – their first show was just two years ago – they're focused, determined to get their product right, and to generate the right amount of hype to carry them into the future.