Our first column from London... where MADman embarks on the most ambitious social experiment of all: bringing metal into corporate culture, and submerging his colleagues into the fiery depths of all that is brutal. Will he succeed? Or will he simply be fired? I guess we're all just going to have to find out.
With their latest album Massive Aggressive getting rave reviews, the party is in full swing for thrash metallers Municipal Waste. Drummer Dave Witte took time out from sampling the better beers the world has to offer - 'I'm a beer enthusiast, I collect it and age it' - to chat with Metal As Fuck.
Just recently we caught up with Lee Gardiner, one of the founders of Adelaide's Against the Grain festival (and vocalist for Adelaide band Double Dragon), to talk about this year's event, its history, and what the future looks like. There are BIG plans afoot.
A little while ago I had the opportunity to talk to Andreas “Whiplasher Bernadotte” Bergh of Deathstars fame about deathglam, humour, girls, and touring Australia.
Fredrik Nordström is surely a name that nearly all metalheads would recognise. Producer extraordinaire, this man has an enormous discography under his belt, as well as being a musician in his own right, in the band Dream Evil. We caught up with Fredrik a while ago to talk about the world of album production and what it takes to make it in that part of the industry.
Sonata Arctica have never been to Australia before, let alone an Australian international metal festival. Keyboardist Henkka Klingenberg gives us the skinny on their upcoming tours, their new album and their... video game?
A talk with Alex Webster, bassist of Cannibal Corpse, chatting about the Mayhem Festival and Japanese uniqueness, chicks in the scene, having your wife on tour with you, and youth being the future of Death on the Staircase of Metal.
To look at his record collection, that is...
They say it's Wacken, rain or shine; they forgot to mention gale force winds.
Ever heard of a guy that won a Battle of the Bands as well as coming second AND third? We haven't either - but Sami Hinkka of Finnish folk metallers Ensiferum could have, if he really wanted. He also talks tours, bass and "From Afar."