While this is supposed to be about the festival in the first half of the second decade, we both felt that it would get old just writing about the bands who played. Take a look inside and discover all of the extra-curricular activities on offer at this mega festival.
From Obituary to Gorgoroth and name dropping a ton of great bands in between, Frank Watkins talks about reviving Obituary, about Gorgoroth, and about artist management... and much more besides.
Upon the release of their newest release Invictus Infinitum, we sat down with Switchblade drummer Mat Piccolotto to discuss what is going down in the world of Switchblade.
Metal As Fuck throws a few questions at Hardcore Superstar’s drummer Magnus “Adde” Andreasson about their new album Beg For It, their new guitarist and their drinking games (champagne glass shaped ball sacks?!) and he throws some answers back.
These cowboys only have one occupation - and that's to get you to lift your beers in the air and get your head banging! Bobby Thompson, guitarist for Job For A Cowboy talks metal, their new album Ruination, and even politics with Metal as Fuck.
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal is a musician with a really interesting history. Working now both on his solo project Bumblefoot, as well as with Guns N' Roses, of which he's been a member since 2004. But it was about Bumblefoot's solo work that I caught up with him recently, talking about his recent release Abnormal - and his navigation away from being 'bumblefucked'.
Dino on making Divine Heresy metal as fuck; taking Fear Factory to the next level; and jamming with Stevie Ray Vaughan.
The rise of Wacken Open Air metal festival from almost nothing in 1990 to a reasonable festival five years later, heralded the beginnings of something really big. That 'really big thing' played out over the next five years of the festival, during which time it became known as the biggest outdoor metal festival in the world.
We were lucky enough to catch up with Korpiklaani's bassist Jarkko for a chat about their upcoming release Karkelo, touring, and much more - including some hilarious drunken moments.
Dutch guitarist Susan Gerl take a break from Storming The Balkans to answer some questions about God Dethroned's latest release, Passiondale.