The Red Chord

The Red Chord - Fed Through The Teeth Machine (Metal Blade/Riot)

Being one of the earlier innovators of the deathcore genre, The Red Chord's latest effort Fed Through The Teeth Machine is a heavy assault on the ears: one that does not let go from beginning to end.

Deathcore. That word can either make or break a band for some metalheads, depending on which side of the fence they would sit: they either love it or despise it.

Fed Through the Teeth Machine: a chat with The Red Chord's Guy Kozowyk

Talking with Guy Kozowyk, vocalist for The Red Chord, was probably the longest interview I've ever done. Clocking in at an hour, we talked music, art, tours, lyrics, and a whole lot more besides.


Summer Breeze Festival 2009. Day 2: Thursday

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