The Resurrection Sorrow

The Resurrection Sorrow announce lineup change and comic book release party information

The Resurrection Sorrow have announced an upcoming lineup change to the unit and will unveil their recently completed comic book at a live show and all-out party.


The Resurrection Sorrow - Hour of the Wolf (Midnight Dreams/Earsplit)

I don't normally bother addressing a band's press releases in my reviews, and that's because I rarely read them. But in the case of The Resurrection Sorrow's debut, Hour of the Wolf, not only did the press release come wrapped around the CD - making it kind of unavoidable - but it was one of the most astonishing pieces of tripe I've read in ages. Which forms a nice contrast with the boring old chug of the music.

The press release for Hour of the Wolf opens with a thinly veiled excuse for the band taking too long to get their shit together by talking about "holding for the right time to strike", an