Aura Noir

Steelfest Open Air - Day One, May 16th, Hyvinkää, Finland

Steelfest Open Air 2014 launched with a barrage of black, thrash and death metal in Hyvinkää, Finland. Kicking the summer festival season awake and pouring the first glugs of cheap Finnish beer down it's throat, Steelfest showcases local and international acts heavy on the leather and spikes. Day One was headlined by Inquisition (USA), Deströyer 666 (AUS/NED) and Nifelheim (SWE)

Steelfest Open Air, Hyvinkää, 16/05/14-17/05/14

Steelfest Open-Air opens up the summer festival season in Finland with a full aural assault. It's two days of live metal, drinking and catching up with friends for a festival that's big enough to have great headlining bands, but small enough not to need a map to get around.

Two days after Steelfest Open Air 2014 wrapped, I still had some friends suffering valiantly from hangovers.

'Painkiller is so metal it's ridiculous...' Aura Noir's Apollyon shows Metal as Fuck his record collection...

From 50's Norwegian pop, through jazz drummers battling it out to the glory of modern day metal - you'll find it all at Apollyon's house, plus more besides tht he doesn't really want to tell you about...


Aura Noir - Out To Die (Indie Recordings)

Black metals protest against keyboard driven music
Release Date: 
22 Mar 2012 - 11:30pm

What's dirty, black and thrashes like a maniac?