Blood Red Throne

Blood Red Throne - Union of Flesh and Machine (Candlelight Records)

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Release Date: 
15 Jul 2016 (All day)

Blood Red Throne has found an unconquerable formula to their rendering of modern death metal.

Candlelight Records Sign Blood Red Throne

And a new album in the pipeline....

Daniel “Død” Olaisen started his musical career in the legendary Norwegian black metal band Satyricon in 1996 at just 19 years of age when he joined as a live guit

Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (Sevared Records)

I'm Sorry But The Spaghetti Didn't Make It....
Release Date: 
21 May 2013 (All day)

The throne; a potentate power intended for the sovereign; a supreme leader – this is the case when confronted with Blood Red Throne’s self titled commemoration of fifteen years on

Blood Red Throne: The Embodiment of Death Metal

Ever wonder where the other two members of Satyricon disappeared to? Well they have been busy…

It wasn’t until bequeathing Blood Red Throne’s latest album Brutalitarian Regime to you all as my number one on

Blood Red Throne - Souls of Damnation (Earache/Riot)

This is a solid death metal release. While Blood Red Throne's last album was very much darker, more evil, speedier and less standardised, there is still a lot of good stuff going on in Souls of Damnation.