Breed 77

Breed 77: Letting Out The Evil Inside

“It would be perfect for us to tour the world with this album!” Breed 77 bassist Stuart Cavilla wants to give birth to The Evil Inside across the whole planet.

“I think all in all, it’s been worth it. The album is speaking for itself.”

‘We’ve met all sorts!’ Breed 77’s Pedro Caparros and Stuart Cavilla sit down with Metal as Fuck to discuss festivals and the difference between Axl Rose and Lemmy

It's festival time in England and Breed 77 can't wait to get started.

Ears still ringing from a hastily arranged sound check, Breed 77 guitarist Pedro Caparros and his bass playing band mate Stuart Cavilla slump onto

Soil, Evile & Breed 77 at Sub 89 (Reading, UK) June 6, 2012

Soil's pre-Download Festival warm-up show with Evile and Breed 77.

Soil, Evile & Breed 77 at Sub 89 (Reading, UK), 6 June 2012

One of the very few Download Festival warm ups outside London. London’s loss is Reading’s gain.

This show was billed as a warm-up before England’s famous Download Festival for tonight’s headliners Soil.