Carcass: Australian Tour Plans Revealed

But will they get their Surgical Steel through Airport Security?

Carcass are back and back at what they do best! Writing and releasing the choicest of cuts in their highly influential way.

Carcass - Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast)

Is Surgical Steel tragically dull? No it bloody well isn't!
Release Date: 
12 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

Of all the many and varied ‘classic’ metal bands joining in the fun and boarding the reformation express over the last couple of years, Carcass – the band that arguably wrote the b

Carcass: New Album Artwork Revealed

'Surgical Steel' Will be released soon...

Disinterred British extreme metal legends Carcass have revealed the cover art for their upcoming sixth full-length release Surgical Steel. “We went back to working with

Soundworks are selling leftover merch reeeeeally cheaply

One of Australia's foremost tour promoters is selling left-over merchandise from recent tours, way cheap. If you missed out, or didn't have the cash at the time, you need to read this.


Bloodstock Open Air- Day 1: Confessions of a man (mad enough to live amongst mullets).

Three days in a field, surrounded by hessians, booze and burger vans. Is this hell? No. It's Derby. Metal as Fuck attended the Bloodstock Open Air festival and got its face blasted to bits by metal. Read on!