You can Destroy and Dominate Chimaira's new music vid!

Chimaira is offering fans the chance to put their own spin on the band’s newest video for “Destroy and Dominate.” The comp has great prizes...

If you're a Chimaira fan, you can download the video stem files from

Chimaira - The Infection (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Chimaira have been doing their thing for around ten years and The Infection is their fifth album. From the opening track, The Venom Inside, this record has a powerful, angry vibe that doesn't let up. Sometimes you can tell from the first few minutes of an album that you're going to like it. On occasion that first impression can quickly be proved wrong, but that's not the case here.

Mark Hunter's vocals are great, real voice from the crypt stuff. The riffs are solid and relentless and the drums in particular stand out.

Chimaira's Matt DeVries talks about The Infection

Recently Metal as Fuck caught up with MATT DEVRIES, guitarist in Chimaira, for a chat about the band and its upcoming release the Infection, their German ski trip, and their shift from Roadrunner to Nuclear Blast.