Darker Half

Insomnium, Orpheus Omega, Darker Half, Anno Domini @ The Bald Faced Stag 26/05/2017

Melodeath mayhem hits the Stag...

It’s Friday night, there’s a gig on at the Stag. You know what’s up, let’s not fuck around.

Darker Half - Never Surrender (Own Label)

They're made of metal, their circuits gleam...
Release Date: 
12 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

Christ on a bike.

Darker Half: Ready to Feel the Steel...

We Are Darker Half & We Are Coming To Your Town!

It is not hard to decipher why Australia’s own Darker Half is the definition of a charismatic and magnetic thrash metal band.

Australian Tour, Fest & Release Support!

In the first of his monthly roundups, Assidian trawls the stygian depths of the Australian underground scene to bring you the latest in extreme news...

There's a lot happening in Australian metal at the moment. Less international touring and more Australian bands notably touring on their own accord and really pushing their music out there again.

Queensrÿche @ HiFi Bar (Brisbane), 29 August 2009

Queensrӱche Rocks the HiFi Bar in Brisbane, 29th August 2009. Supported by Darker Half and local lads Arcane.