Red Bee are back with intent on their brand new release: a 2 track EP!

Quick to dispense with formulaic rhythms and time signatures, Red Bee creates every one of their songs differently. An incredibly tight live band, Red Bee is explosive, atmospheric and energetic; they blow the minds of their audiences and leave them with sore neck muscles the next morning.

Chokehold will be available as a free download from the band's Soundcloud page on March 4th.

Daysend sign to Japanese label Avalon Marquee

Soundworks Management are very proud to announce that Australian melodic metal outfit Daysend have signed an exclusive deal with one of the largest metal labels in Japan, Avalon Marquee.

This is massive news for the Daysend camp and an incredible achievement for any Australian metal band to receive this sort of recognition from the wider international metal communi

Caught Within The Eye Of Chaos - Daysend's Mark McKernan

The vocalist from one of Australia's hardest working metal bands sits down to talk with Metal As Fuck.

Australia has been spoiled for choice with the influx of international bands hitting our shores quite frequently over the years, however not many of those gig goers are aware of our local bands who

Daysend - Within The Eye Of Chaos (Stomp Entertainment)

By fusing a modern metal sound with a melodic element, Daysend deliver their newest effort. This release will hopefully kick some doors down,turn some heads, and open some ears.

Since the band's inception in 2002, Daysend has become one of Australia's premier metal acts.