Astriaal w/Lustration, Disentomb and Defamer @ Rosies Tavern 23rd July 2010

Sound the trumpets and ready the citadel, ASTRIAAL release their long awaited follow up to "Renascent Misanthropy", "Anatomy of the Infinite". Supported by Lustratiion, Disentomb and Defamer

Defamer - Chasm (unsigned)

Defamer have already scored supports for legends like Carcass and Children of Bodom, so their debut album has every potential of being very good. And this Brisbane quintet have indeed given us some quality death metal.

Defamer are Sam Alcock (guitar), James Geekie (drums), Mitch Rogers (guitar), Krist Sadler (bass) and Ti

Gallery: Cannibal Corpse @ the HiFi (Brisbane), 13 September 2009

Cannibal Corpse brutalises the audience @ the HiFi Brisbane, 13th September 2009. Supported by Brazen Bull and Local lads Defamer.