Enthroned - Obsidium (Agonia Records)

Enthroned prove that Belgian black metal does exist.

Late last year there was an exodus of heavy hitting bands that left Swedish label Regain Records, including Marduk, Ragnarok, Dark Funeral and of course, black met

Enthroned: New Album Release Date Confirmed.

'Obsidium' will emerge in March!

The brand-new album from Belgium’s Enthroned, Obsidium, is coming out on March 20th in the UK and on April 10th in North America.

Urgent Enthroned tour update!

Enthroned will miss the first two dates of their long-awaited North American/Canadian tour.

Due to reasons beyond the band's control, Belgian black metallers Enthroned were forced to postpone the first two dates of their long anticipated North American tour.

Enthroned shows announced

Enthroned have just announced a handful of dates and are in the process of booking shows for NA, SA, and EU.

Enthroned vocalist and guitarist Nornagest states: “We are actually booking the dates of a complete tour which will be in August in the United States, Septem