Gamma Ray

From the Archives: Bloodstock '02

As festival fever appears to have us all in its grip, our regular columnist Scott Adams had a root about in his attic and found this review of the second Bloodstock festival, held at the Derby Assembly rooms in the late summer of 2002. Enjoy!

Teenage Rampage: Kid Metal Reviewers and Wankery

Crushtor reveals first hand that professional music reviewing should not be an occupation entered into at a young age. (Cameron Crowe can suck it!)

I remember trolling up the internet as a youth, connecting to the internet with a rectangular, flashing, screeching machine known as an external modem patiently waiting as it jacked me into the inf

Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome DVD (SPV/Riot)

This dual DVD set not only gives you a full live show (Live in Montreal is Disc 1), running to 120 minutes, but it also gives you a bit of an insight into the band on Disc 2 - which runs even longer: 156 minutes. It's a great set, highly recommended viewing - despite its length.