The Black Dahlia Murder are coming down under

The bands total wall of sound has pits raging from the instant they take the stage until they leach every ounce of energy from the crowd and hand it back to them ten fold. Leaving fans decimated and euphoric at the same time.

Having dropped five genre-defining albums since forming in 2001 The Black Dahlia Murder have made it impossible to discuss melodic death metal without the mention of their name.

Soundwave 2014 Melbourne

Another year another Soundwave Festival! despite having a bunch of bands pulling out of the festival for various reasons there was still chaos and fun for one and all with crunching guitars, roaring crowds, and some fantastic bands tearing Melbourne apart.

Dave Brockie AKA GWAR's Oderus - Backstage at the Brisbane Soundwave

"Fuck it! Bring the sun! I’ll beat the sun. I’ll stab the fucking sun right in the fucking heart and kill it! I’ll bring it down to the fucking plains of Australia – we’ll put it on that big rock you guys have – and we’ll all fuck it!”

As the Australian media attempts to invoke outrage over GWAR's beheading of Tony Abbott (haven't heard much about the debreasting of The Queen yet

Oderus Urungus Speaks Forth...


When GWAR’s vocalist Oderus Urungus (in another world known as Dave Brockie) answers the phone I am treated to his best Australian impersonation –

GWAR: Tour will continue, says Oderus Urungus

'It's what Cory would have wanted'.

Dave Brockie, leader of alien metallists GWAR, has issued this statement in response to the shock death of fellow band member Cory Smoot earlier t

Gwar Bloody Tour of Horror 2010 *New Dates Announced!*

Obscene metal monsters Gwar have reached the halfway point of their 'Bloody Horror Tour', and bring you new tour dates, complete with the announcement date of their new album.
Tour Dates: 
02/10/2010 - 19/12/2010

In a remarkably redundant statement, Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus was quoted as saying, 'I hereby announce the release date of the new Gwar album, Bloody Pit o

Gwar Bloody Horror Tour (US) Oct-Nov 2010

Kicking off October 2nd, Gwar will embark on their 'Bloody Horror' tour of the US.
Tour Dates: 
02/10/2010 - 06/11/2010

Fresh off the amazing experience that was the 2010 Gwar-B-Qu, intergalactic snuff-rockers Gwar continue their relentless assault upon all humanity with the announcement of their fi

GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed Reissue (Metal Blade/Riot)

Dead babies, masturbation, wheelchair sex, faeces and racism; who else could it possibly be?

Fact: everyone knows GWAR. These scumdogs of the universe have been polluting our lowly planet for a frankly astonishing 25 years this year.