I Killed the Prom Queen

The Wrath to release Disillusions & Resolutions LP - September 18

In their tenure as one of Australia's most high-energy and well respected punk/rock acts, The Wrath have broken down barriers between genres - they get love in the punk, rock, metal, rockabilly, hardcore, goth and industrial realms.

The Wrath are here to stay.

Caulfield announce new album for release 7 August

February and March 2015 saw Caulfield taking time away from the live circuit, allowing them to return to the studio to write and record their sophomore album Outcast, which they felt really captured their aggressive and melodic musical approach.

Since Caulfield’s inception in 2010, the Sydney-based five-piece band refused to hesitate hitting the road.

I Killed the Prom Queen: The Rise of Brotality Tour

'The whole of September has instead been pledged to cover towns rarely included in a tour package of this standard'...
Tour Dates: 
05/09/2014 - 28/09/2014

Synonymous with the forefront of punk rock for decades, Epitaph Records is now home to the heavyweights of hardcore and this September they’re deploying two o