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The good people at Hopscotch Entertainment have given us a few copies of the Lemmy movie on DVD...

That's right.

Back to the Future with Scott Adams

Dodgy market traders, shacks in the West End of London, Fast Eddie Clarke - this must be Back to The Future, 1985 style!

There was a bloke who ran a stall on Maidenhead Market – known only as Punky, despite his advanced age and long, straggly hair – who, despite being quite obviously dodgy as fuck, was a

Back to the Future With Scott Adams

It's 1984... and there's not a sex crime or, luckily, The Eurhythmics, in sight.

George Orwell got a lot of things right about 1984 in his book of the same name; but what he failed to predict was that the year would be absolutely titanic for ‘our kind of music’.

Brutal Legend

Yes I realise there's meant to be an umlaut in the title. Do I give a shit? I do not. Read on for an overgrown child's opinion about a baby game...