Milking the Goatmachine

Metalheim IV, Day Two - Nosturi, Helsinki, 12/10/13

The second night of Metalheim IV delivered a mixture of Death, Grindcore and Thrash, with the evening headedlined by the Viking Metal of Ereb Altor and the supergroup, which started as a Bathory-tribute, Twilight of the Gods. Also in the lineup were Hooded Menace, Milking the Goatmachine, Feastem, Convulse and Avra.

Milking The Goatmachine - Back From The Goats (Nuclear Blast/Anstalt)

Anstalt is the horrible little bastard son of Nuclear Blast and its raison d'etre is to bring the sublime and the ridiculous to your front door, and have them kick you in the teeth.

Songs about goats by brothers Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder, who hail from the planet GoatEborg and are here to spread the word of goatgrind and ultimately conquer

Various Artists - Tidbits of Lunacy (Anstalt Records/Riot)

In case you hadn't heard, Nuclear Blast recently started a new label for your more crusty, underground, extreme, (mostly) grind acts. This label, Anstalt Records, is just the sort of thing that I personally think has been long overdue. I love this sampler. It's no-holds-barred, shitty, hilarious grind.

As a taster, Anstalt have released Tidbits of Lunacy: a very short sampler in fact, featuring two tracks each from three acts: Milking the Goatmachine,